My People…

Everyone has them. Those people who make up their little black book of recommendations that treat everything from aching muscles to perfect brows to ‘serious life-changing stuff’.

Here are mine. My people. Feel free to call them anytime for yourself.



The Brow Guru: Lien Davies

It wasn’t until I met Lien that I really understood the power of good eye brows. I’d had them waxed and plucked, but never professionally shaped, and to me they seemed like an after-thought to my makeup or hair or skin. Not so, I quickly discovered. Brows are the ultimate game-changers when it comes to framing your features and looking just that little bit more groomed, but above all, I found that having perfect brows gave me more confidence than ever. After almost 10 years together, Lien is my go-to for everything from life advice to chai tea (she makes a mean one), proving that beauty isn’t just skin deep after all.

The ‘Absolutely Anything’ Healer: Rick Schlederer at Universal Health

Where do I start with Rick? He’s the man who fixes anything. From anxiety to fatigue to skin conditions to all the emotional shit you lug around with you for what seems like eternity, he’ll fix it. With his countless tools and techniques for ‘shit shifting’ like NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) to acupuncture, kinesiology and everything in between, no issue is too small (or too big) for Rick. See him!

The Chiro: Dr Andrew Stevenson at The Chiropractor at North Sydney

Once terrified by the idea of someone cracking my joints and shifting my bones, I shied away from chiropractic care. Until I met Andrew, whose gentle techniques nursed me through my pregnancy and beyond, leaving my aches and pains in its wake.

The Massage Man: Glenn Walsmley

Glenn’s Sydney-based practice is so busy he commutes from his new home of Byron Bay once a month or so to ensure his clients are attended to. His specialty? Myotherapy massage, an intensely deep therapy that relieves on-going muscular injuries after just one treatment. After I gave birth to Arlo my left hip completely seized up, leaving me in agony and unable to walk without shooting pain. Glenn was my go-to guy, and after a few seriously painful sessions, my hip was completely healed. Thanks, Glenn!

The Unofficial Baby-Maker: Gavin Hodges

I don’t want to go around making outrageous claims, but I give Gavin a good dose of credit for getting me pregnant. You see, Alex and I had just started trying so I thought I’d treat myself to a Ka Huna Massage (Gavin’s specialty) to open my energy fields and release any negative stuff that could inhibit my baby making skills. It worked! I left my treatment feeling open and goddess-y and ready to receive, making a baby that very same day.

The Body Blitzer: Steph O’Brien at Vision PT Randwick

When it comes to personal trainers, Steph is right up there with the best. She’s knowledgable and fierce without being scary and before you know it your body is strong and lean and buff and getting you sideways glances on the street. I even have back muscles now, and can blitz Saturday morning run club without coughing up a lung. If you want serious training that’s guided by an expert, Steph is your gal.

The Toning Queen: Emma Seibold at Barre Body 

Em and I have been friends for years, even working together to create BodyLove Bootcamp, so it’s little wonder I’m a huge fan of Barre Body. With a clever fusion of yoga, barre and pilates, Barre Body tones those tiny little muscles your often forget about, giving you long, lean limbs that look pretty good in denim cut-offs. Expect your muscles to burn the next day, this workout isn’t for the fainthearted (or lazy).

The Yogi: Nadia Rihani at Yoga Village

When I was pregnant with Arlo I was doing yoga 4 times a week. Yoga Village became my second home, allowing me to tap into my inner yogi and create a safe, calm and peaceful belly for my baby to grow in. While the studio offers prenatal yoga, their specialty is vinyasa flow and ashtanga, which Nadia is an absolute guru at. But the thing I love most about Nadia and her sacred school, is that it teaches you yoga, rather than just show you yoga moves. It’s personal and true to the yogic practice, leaving you with a heart full of joy and head full of calm whenever you walk in (and out) the front door.

Tell me Happies…

Who are your people?
Have you been to any of mine?


Stay Happy,

Yaz x


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