Who Am I Again?

It feels so good to be back.

Back in touch with me. The real me. The one who understands the importance of a mind/body connection and breathes and sits and feels stillness, because I’ll be honest, having a child is the fastest way to eliminate stillness. Not in a negative way, but stillness isn’t really a part of the program those first 12 months. Or ever, really.


So I’ve made a conscious decision to bring it back into my life. To prioritise small moments of calm to come back to myself and feel grounded, everyday, in order to be a better mother; a better wife; a better friend; and perhaps most important of all, a better me.

It all started at Billabong Retreat. An amazing eco resort 50 minutes drive from Sydney that specialises in reconnecting your head and your heart. It’s a yoga and meditation retreat essentially, but the way this place instantly calms you, settles you, invites you to unravel and relax and let everything go is unique to any other retreat I’ve been to.

It’s so…still.

My sister and I treated ourselves to a 3-day retreat, leaving our kids in the very capable hands of our husbands as we zipped up the highway, along Old Windsor Rd. and down into the bush covered timber oasis of Billabong. We could hardly believe it was true – three entire days of nothing but time to relax, unwind, rebuild and rest – but as soon as we got there, we immersed ourselves in getting that sacred connection back.

It’s yoga and meditation that does it. Allowing yourself the freedom to sit (or move) in silence and breathe. That’s really all it takes. Breathing. Tuning in. Connecting.

So we did just that. Yoga classes, meditation of all varieties, reading and eating the most glorious organic vegetarian food I’ve had in some time. We sipped tea, we talked about all the things that really matter and we found that caring for ourselves is just as important as caring for our loved ones.

Here’s what I’m doing going forward…

1. A daily yoga practice

Billabong understands that the mere nature of a retreat means that you unwind while you’re there, but what happens when you get home? Often those zen feelings are lost within days, taking you back to where you started. So they’ve developed a yoga practice that you can do at-home in as little as 7.5 minutes, teaching you the sequence before sending you off back into the ‘real world’. For me, this is what wellness is all about. Doing what you can – even if it’s only small increments everyday – rather than nothing at all. So a daily yoga practice of at least 7.5 minutes has become part of my morning ritual.

2. Breathing

It sounds so simple to just breath, but the reality is most of us are doing it all wrong. If you’re unconsciously breathing shallow breaths, or letting your day go without stopping to just breath, think about taking a few moments to just reconnect, calm down and centre. The best time? When your stress levels are peaking.

3. Meditating

That magical 7.5 minute yoga sequence also happens to include a chant and time to meditate. It’s  incredible. I think of all the ways to feel grounded meditation is the most effective and by taking a few moments to sit in stillness, you’re allowing yourself the space you need to truly find your Zen.

Tell me Happies…

Have you lost your mind/body connection?

Do you need to do a retreat to re-find yourself again?


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