Welcome to The Happiness Cocktail, I’m so thrilled you’ve found me. Or us, rather. My name is Yaz and I’m the creator of this friendly little blog. I also happen to be an award-winning beauty journalist, health and well-being writer, lover of food and furry things, and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition trained Health Coach. You’ll find my work in Good Health Magazine, where I’m the beauty editor, as well as on PRIMPED.com.au. You’ll also find me here and here and around the traps of many other publications both here in Australia and overseas. I’m also a mum to Arlo and wife to Alex, so life gets pretty busy.

Having to juggle motherhood with working and wife-ing isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to remain balanced, calm and present all at the same time. The key? Slowing down.

And that’s what The Happiness Cocktail is all about. It’s about serving up tiny morsels of goodness and searching for sweetness in every scenario – even the bitter ones. At The Happiness Cocktail, I leave none of life’s steppingstones unturned, discovering goodness in food, health, beauty, life and best of all, the small stuff (like taking things slowly).  Come on my journey, it will be fun. I’m sure of it.

Stay happy,

Yaz Trollope


  1. Christine Garvin · April 9, 2011

    I love chlorophyll too! Goes in my glass water bottle everyday.

  2. lolabees · September 27, 2011

    Great blog! Love the shoes, I am a fan of natural deodorant (sort of,) and always love a good lesson!

  3. Yaz!! I have nominated your loveliness for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! 🙂

  4. Anonymous · August 7, 2012

    Where is site the cmpany of BLK dark water?

  5. Alia · August 20, 2012

    I was nominated for a Sunshine Award a couple of days ago. Now that I’ve been nominated, I also get to nominate 10 more of my favorite blogs. I love reading your posts, so I nominated you! You can check it all out at http://wp.me/p1BAZi-jE. Congratulations!

  6. exhilaratedliving · September 8, 2012

    You’ve been nominated for the sunshine award, an award that recognizes inspiring and super cool blogs! You can check out the details at http://exhilaratedliving.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/yay-i-got-nominated-for-an-award/. Have a good one 🙂

  7. Sindhu · February 1, 2013

    I stumbled across your blog and instantly fell in love with it. You have another follower! 🙂

    • Yaz Trollope · February 4, 2013

      Thank you so much, what a gorgeous thing to say. You’ve made my day! Yx

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