Ka Huna Massage: Let’s Just Say Ladies, You’re In For a Real Treat

I haven’t stopped talking about my Ka Huna massage since the Friday before last. It’s firmly etched in my mind as one of the most, if not THE most, extraordinary massages I’ve ever had. As for Hubby, well, he’s still recovering from my sordid tales of nudity, warmed oil and a man rubbing me up and down, but more on that later.

So what is Ka Huna massage? According to Gavin Hodges, Therapist at Sydney Ka Huna Massage “Ka Huna originates from the Hawaiian Islands where it is more commonly known as Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian massage. It is a holistic approach to healing, where the therapist uses Aloha (heart/love) energy to help connect and balance the clients mind, body and spirit, while also clearing old energy and blockages and creating space for new energy. The practitioner dances (almost like tai chi) around the body working with long flowing strokes over, under and around the body, using their forearms, elbows and hands during the massage,” he says.

And that they do, Happies. Swirl, move, caress and dance around you, all the while opening your heart, coaxing your muscles to release and awakening your spirit. Yep, this isn’t your average massage; it’s a deeply emotional, cleansing, spiritual experience, if you allow it to be.

Here’s Gav doing his thing…

Image courtesy of Dara Donnelly

As I mentioned earlier, you’re naked. Yep, completely de-robed with just a simple piece of cloth between your private parts. It makes perfect sense of course, as your therapist (Gavin, in my case) squirts never-ending amounts of gorgeously warmed oil all over your body. Clearly undies would be an unwelcome snag amongst all the fast-paced moves that work from your feet to your neck, head and arms for over an hour. It is deeply relaxing, but for me personally, I found it a journey through many different feelings and emotions – pleasure, pain, peace, sadness, relief… I had the gamut and found myself crying come the end of my massage. I felt as though I’d left 28 years of emotional dust to settle on that floor.

As Gavin explains, feeling this emotional shift is completely normal after a Ka Huna. “Every so often I’ll get someone on my table who was SO ready to shift something or another in their life and all it takes is a Ka Huna massage to make that shift happen. When I’m in there massaging these people there’s such an amazing energy in the room and everything feels like it’s in perfect balance. I’ve seen people have huge life changing transformations after a single Ka Huna. Now that’s crazy! I feel very blessed that I’m able to give so much love and healing to others through Ka Huna massage.”

One of the most important elements of a Ka Huna is the breathing. The therapist breathes long, deep, almost oceanic-like breaths the entire time, encouraging you to do the same. Why? They say it helps relax and soften the muscles, as well as bring awareness back to your body, just like in yoga. It also helps shift stagnant energy, allowing you to have a more moving experience.

As there are so many benefits of Ka Huna, including deep relaxation, a sense of grounding, opening or joy, a release of deep-seated neuromuscular tension, allowing energy to flow more freely, physical re-energising and rejuvenating and treating the lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems to promote improved health and fitness, it’s not surprising each massage is a unique experience. But for me, I sailed out of Sydney Ka Huna feeling more balanced, calm and emotionally free than I have in years. Now, I just have to convince the hubby to get over the naked dude thing and experience one for himself. It really is life changing.

Tell me Happies,

Have you ever tried a Ka Huna?
Do you want to?

For more information on Gavin and the wonderful team at Sydney Ka Huna, head to their website www.sydneykahuna.com.au



  1. Me my best and I · November 16, 2012

    My friend does Lomi Lomi and I should seriously take advantage after my pregnancy – Ive never had one before. Ive had the emotional overspill thing during Savasanas in Bikram where Ive had a little blub so am sure theres heaps of residual stuff in there that would come out after an hour massage!!

  2. Emily l'Ami · November 16, 2012

    Totally amazing! Like Ayurveda, yoga and massage all rolled into one. Thanks for the Sydney tip, I can’t wait to go. Emx

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