I know it’s been a while…

Have I abandoned my first child? Perhaps. So, I guess I have some explaining to do, Happies.

As many of you know I’m due to give birth pretty much any day now, and while I consider The Happiness Cocktail my ‘first’ child, the reality is that my real, human first child is taking up all my headspace. Something has changed in me in the past month, something where I’ve gone insular, nesty, homey and most definitely focussed on the impeding arrival of my little man. Things like blogging and twitter and instagram have suddenly fallen out of my realm, as I single-mindedly do everything I can to mentally, physically, emotionally and literally prepare for not only the baby but the labour as well. I’m meditating, yoga-ing, cleaning, washing, resting… but not blogging. I’m taking some time for me, I guess.


Which is wonderful and everything The Happiness Cocktail is all about, right? It’s about living your life in an honest way and tuning in, listening and not buckling under the pressure of other people. But the timing isn’t great, as I’ve just found out I’m a finalist in the coveted Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards, an amazing achievement and something I’m really proud of. It’s so nice to be recognised among other like-minded, extraordinarily inspiring people and have people nominate me in the first place. WOW! So there’s a part of me that wants to earn a win and blog and blog and blog and scream from all my social media platforms that I am a finalist! But the reality is, my priorities have shifted.

And this is all a part of the journey. I’ve come to realise over the past 9 months that there will always be timing mismatches, pushes and pulls, shifts, movements and changes in life, and the best way to deal with them is to be OK with where you’re at, stay focussed on your end goal and know that when you follow your heart and your gut, there is no right or wrong. There just is.

So with that in mind I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not sure when my next post will be. I might get the urge to write in between night time feeds or I might not. I won’t know until I’m in the midst of it all. But until then, I’ll still be uploading things to instagram and Facebook and keeping you up-to-date with all things Happiness Cocktail related. But do know this, I’ll be back on a more regular basis really soon, armed with an entire new chapter of lessons to discuss and share and learn from. So keep in touch!

Stay Happy,

Yaz xxx