Spring Awakening

Oh, hi!

I know it’s been a while but I’m not going to apologise. What for? I know you don’t mind, and quite frankly, I’ve come to the realisation that when there’s a small human in the house, there’s a rare few seconds spare.

But today I’ve had a spring awakening. A rare moment of clarity to sit and quietly write while Arlo’s down. Which is fabulous, really, because it coincides with the end of spring – the season that’s all about shedding excess waste, removing your winter coat and hurling yourself into new beginnings – and the start of summer; the time of sunshine, refuelling and digging into salads, rather than soups.

And so I’ve been thinking. Thinking about how fast the year is slipping away and what I want to achieve come January 2015. What’s left on my list? What’s left on your list?

Think about it. So often the year sails by without us really getting the opportunity to stop and unfurl the sails. Summer turns into Autumn, which turns into Winter, which turns into Spring, which brings us back to Summer again, only one year on. Did you have time to pause and change with the seasons, as nature does, or were you so caught up in the day-to-day that the four quarters of the year simply merged into one?

Having just returned from a fabulous 3-day yoga and meditation retreat at Billabong Retreat (more on that in another post), I’ve had the chance to pause for a moment and consider what it is I need to do in order to reconnect and tie 2014 up with a bright pink bow, while also honouring the season ahead. Keen to do the same? Here are some options…


Spring and summer are light, airy, breezy months, meaning that you need to shed what’s holding you back. Often, that’s possessions. When was the last time you did a serious house chuck out? The kind where you go through every draw and get rid of the unnecessary things that are cluttering your home; your life; your head. There’s an incredible lightness that comes with having fewer possessions, so if you’re feeling heavy and sluggish and weighed down, now is the time to de-clutter your life. Start with the kitchen and work your way around every room.


The sun’s shifted gear; rising earlier and setting later. You should too. Embrace the longer days by setting your alarm (or waking naturally) even 15 minutes earlier than normal, slowing bringing the time earlier and earlier as the weeks progress. Spiritually there’s a believe that the energy in the early hours of the morning is calmer, as the thoughts and busy-ness of the evening has settled as we sleep, so take note of that and allow some time in the morning for yoga and meditation to set you in good stead for the day. Come night time, enjoy the later evenings by going for a walk, having an outdoor dinner picnic with your loved ones or just reading a book. My advice? Ditch all electronics at least an hour before bed.


Winter calls for heavy, hearty meals that satisfy your body’s comfort cravings but come summer, it’s time to keep it light, fresh and seasonal. Look around your local farmer’s market and you’ll discover that summer fruits and vegetables are starting to make an appearance, so cash in. Make fresh fruit, zingy salads and smoothies, varying your nutrients as much as possible.

Tell me Happies…

What’s on your to-do list to close out the year?
Any of these?


One comment

  1. lovetmah · October 24, 2014

    Yaz so glad your back and blogging. Great list. I’ll be sleeping more, getting some sunshine and swimming in the sea. x

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