The Ultimate Clear Skin Cleanse

The buzzer rings. I squeal, knowing that on the other side of that door is the delivery I’ve been waiting for. Clear skin, flat tummy, and bright eyes bottled into those hipster glass jars and filled with raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized juice that I will happily be sipping on the for the next three days. Summer, here I come.

Its name is Lucky You Cleanse, and if you’re a fan of Miranda Kerr, you’ll likely know that it’s her juice cleanse of choice. What you might not know is that LYC prides itself on creating cleanses that are easy to follow (each bottle is numbered, so there’s no guessing what comes next), incredibly tasty (the cashew mylk is sublime) and a marketers’ dream in terms of presentation and packaging (those hipster bottles I was telling you about make for great vases and the big cooler packs are a handy addition to your picnic basket). Their aim is to break unhealthy eating patterns, refocus, and move towards feeding yourself vibrant and health generating foods. Easy, right?

There are 6 nutrient dense, cold-pressed juices per day on a LYC cleanse (including a Green Smoothie and Nut Mylk) – consumed every 2 hours. Each juice is raw, fresh and cold-pressed using state of the art juicing equipment, made with love and delivered straight to your door.


But here’s what I find with juice cleanses; they encourage me to cleanse all aspects of my life. What’s the point of eliminating toxins in one department, but continue to have them in other areas. Like your skincare? Or cleaning products? Or emotions? The fundamental point of doing a cleanse, I believe, is detoxing everything to get the best results. Sure, it’s an incredible springboard into a healthier lifestyle and to rebalance the body, oxygenate & alkalise the system and give you energy, but by using your cleansing time to reflect and sweep out the unnecessary, ever-accumulating waste in life, you’re going to get even more value for money.

Which is why I embrace a juice cleanse with aplomb. I love the fact that I’m challenging myself, clearing out the system and giving it a well-earned break every once in a while. It’s cleansing on the mind, body and spirit, and while I do eat 80% clean and 20% mean all year round, sometimes that 20% creeps up and I need to tame it, and my post-baby belly, with a smack of liquefied nutrients and a spring clean of life. Think: more yoga and meditation, clearing out the wardrobe, reorganising cupboards and draws, and finally, letting go of any negative emotions associated with only drinking my meals for three days.

But there’s one other very important aspect of cleansing that needs to be addressed – your skin. Often, with the onset of juicing also comes an onset of pimples, as your skin purges toxins and eliminates waste. Your muscles can ache, your eyes can become puffy and your body dry and flaky. Headaches may surface, energy levels will probably dip (just for the first day and a half) and your mood will swing more than an aerial artist in Cirque du Soleil. The remedy? All-natural skincare to support your system while you cleanse.

It’s lucky then that Sodashi, one of my favourite skincare brands, has partnered with Lucky You to create the ultimate clear skin cleanse, offering detoxers the chance to drink their way to good health while also giving their skin everything it needs to pop out bright and sparkling post detox. I massaged the Sodashi Toxicleanse Body Oil into my limbs post shower to stimulate circulation and help eliminate toxins, the Rejuvenating Concentrate to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and the Eye Lifting Gel to relieve the tell-tale signs that I was currently undergoing a serious waste-elimination process. All of which come with your cleanse, too. The results? Spectacular. Clear, soft, smooth, glowing skin, bright eyes and more energy than I’d has since pre-baby days.

So I urge you, Happies, to consider a cleanse for yourself. It’s challenging and intriguing and an amazing opportunity to go inwards and reflect, if you allow it to be. Cleansing isn’t just about drinking juice for three days and then going back to your old ways, it’s about pushing the reset button on negative patterns and breaking them, before moving forward in more healthy, positive ways. With killer abs and glowing skin.

Tell me Happies…

Have you ever done a cleanse?
Do you want to?



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