Fun Find: The Coco Jack

In the interest of public safety I always clear the kitchen when I’m about to open a coconut. It’s messy, loud and often fraught with danger, as I ask myself ‘could this be the time I lose a finger?’

And I know I’m not the only one. I’m always getting asked by my clients and BodyLove Bootcamp members how to open young coconuts without risking life and limb, because gosh knows I bang on about them enough.

I usually open mine with a rolling pin, sharp knife and chopping board and awkwardly bounce all three over each other to pry open the nut without too much spillage. I position the knife into the side of the nut, then use the rolling pin (or anything strong and sturdy) to bang the knife deep into the nut, rather than swinging the knife itself. The chopping board is used to keep the nut in place on the bench and while this system hasn’t failed me so far, it’s still a little clunky.

So there’s still room for improvement. And I think I’ve found just the thing: I’ve just stumbled across a clever little contraption that does all the hard work for you, no loss of limbs threatened. It’s called Coco Jack, and is a hammer and mallet situation that elegantly opens your nuts without busting your balls, so to speak.

Here it is…


Curious as to how this little guy works, I left it to the experts to explain. Here’s the video…

I’m sold! Are you? They even have a stainless steel coconut scoop to make removing the flesh easier too. Genius!

Tell me Happies…

Do you suffer in the name of coconut opening?

Do you need one of these in your life?


Stay Happy,




  1. Ingrid IngStyle · May 24, 2014

    I love this idea! Thank you for sharing Yaz X

  2. Sarah Lifepopper · May 30, 2014

    COCO JACK! Awesome stuff!

  3. silksarongs · June 13, 2014

    This is so civilised, great invention.
    Tip from someone who lives in Bali where we open coconuts everyday with a machete (outdoors) – chop a chunk off the outer shell and use it as a spoon to scoop out the flesh once you’ve drunk the young juice.

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