Mid-Week Recipe: Spelt Crusted Fish with Quinoa and a Simple Green Salad

This is one of those simple recipes that quickly slips its way into your weekly meal rotation. You know the ones, you try it out once and then suddenly you’re eating it every Wednesday. Brilliant news!

What I love about this dish is that it does give you a sense that you’re eating something just a little bit naughty, but in reality, it’s nourishing and healthy and a sure hit with boys.

Here’s the meal in question…

Yummy Crumbed Fish

And here’s what you need to feed 4 hungry people…

4-8 pieces (depending on the size of the fillet) x wild caught, Australian fish. We used gem fish but whatever works for you.
4 x slices of good quality organic spelt bread
1 x egg, whisked
1 x bunch of fresh parsley
1 x cup of quinoa
1 x living lettuce
1 x spanish onion
1 x avocado
1 x bunch of watercress
1 x handful of mixed seeds (sunflower and pumpkin are good)
1 x cup of turmeric dressing

And here’s what you need to do…

1. Pop your slices of spelt bread into a VERY LOW heat oven and dehydrate for around 30 minutes or so. Then, once dried, pop the pieces into a food processor with a big handful of parsley and parsley stalks and whiz into crumbs. You can also make a big batch and save them in an airtight container for next time for convenience, too.

2. While your bread is in the oven, put your quinoa on. Make it the same ratio as rice and allow to cook. You can make it with a good quality fish stock for added flavour or use filtered water instead. Up to you.

3. Now, heat a fry pan on medium heat and use either olive or coconut oil depending on the taste you want. As you’re not heating the pan too hot, it’s OK to use olive oil. Alternatively, you can skip the oil altogether and pop the crumbed fish in the oven at 180 degrees. We’ve tried both ways and they both work really well. Whatever your method, grab your fillets of fish and dunk them in the egg and then into the crumbs, generously coating each piece as you go. Place the fillets into either the fry pan or the oven and leave to cook for around 5-10 minutes depending on your method. The oven might require a little more time.

4. While the fish is cooking mix all your salad ingredients together, making sure you rinse the cress well so there are no slugs! They seem to congregate on the leaves so take special care.

5. Once all your elements are ready, plate up a scoop of quinoa with some fish, salad and dressing, finely chopped parsley and a wedge of lemon. Enjoy!

Tell me Happies…

What do you think of this meal?
Keen to try it?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


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  1. Bali Tour · January 16, 2014

    it’s great post 🙂

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