The Bali Hit List!

And… I’m back.

Yep, just like that I’m back online and happily diving back into the swing of things. But that’s not to say that I’ve lost my post-holiday calm just yet, Happies.

The past three weeks has been a divine experience shared with friends, loved ones, new acquaintances and, well, myself. There were brief moments of solitude when Alex snuck off to the gym or enjoyed yet another massage that I really cherished, allowing me to think and breathe and just enjoy being away. It was pure bliss!

But now I’m back and ready to share the love, kicking things off with my Bali Hit List of places to stay, see and explore. Feel free to contribute and add to the list below so that this becomes a wonderful little resource for fellow Bali travellers.

1. Eat in Seminyak!
While I stayed in Uluwatu (if you stay around there head to Blue Point to watch the surfers) for the first week of my trip it was exploring Seminyak that really got me excited. This is the busy part of town. It’s hectic, polluted and full to the brim with tourist and shops and wonderful little eateries. We ended up coming into Seminyak almost everyday while staying in Uluwatu, making the 1.5 hour pilgrimage just because we could. Sure, it’s quite touristy and fairly hectic, but it’s well worth a visit.

I loved:
Zulu Vegetarian for amazing, healthy vegetarian fare.
Sea Circus for their quinoa salads and juices.
Motel Mexicola for a funky Bondi vibe and yummy tacos.
Sarong for something super fancy.

2. Explore Ubud!
We stayed in the loveliest villas in Ubud called Kajane Mua (highly recommend it here) and spent our days exploring town, riding our bikes through the rice fields and hitting up The Yoga Barn. If there’s only one thing you do in Ubud, make it a visit to The Yoga Barn. They have the most glorious studios and about nine classes a day, offering everything from Yin to Shadow Yoga for something completely different. They also have an organic café on the premises, or the owner also has a café down the road with similar healthy, raw food. YUM!


Here’s bump and I enjoy our plunge pool at Kajane Mua

This is the side of Bali that is slightly less hectic, and a place to go and relax, repair and reflect on life back home. I loved Ubud.

3. Stay at Karma Jimbaran Bay!
Jimbaran Bay is a fishing village not far from the airport and is a gorgeous place to stay if you want to be slightly out of the hustle and bustle. We stayed at the stunning Karma Jimbaran Bay Resort and had the luxury of our own four bedroom villa and plunge pool. It was truly amazing!


And a glimpse at the stunning Karma Jimbaran

The restaurant and spa at the resort were both first class, but if you walk across the road to the beach there are plenty of restaurants offering fresh fish of the day served grilled, steamed or fried with a selection of tasty greens, rice and sides. Your table is on the shoreline and the beach is littered with candles and fairy lights for a romantic setting that you’ll never forget.

Karma offers smaller villas as well, but if you plan on travelling in a group (which we weren’t but we were spoiled anyway) then this resort definitely ticks all the boxes. They can also arrange day tours to cultural sites or adventure activities depending on what you’re into, but we ended up spending the majority of our time enjoying our villa. How could you leave something so nice, right?

Just around the corner from the resort is the Jimbaran Corner Shopping Centre that houses the Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane. While there are plenty of cheaper options (hello, Bodyworks) this spa and the one at Karma offer world-class massages and treatments in a gorgeous environment. While you’re at the centre you can also pop into the Grocer and Grind for a chai and tasty breakfast.

Tell me Happies…
Have you been to Bali?
What places can you share?



  1. yourhealthyourlife · April 23, 2013

    Love this hit list and love Bali!
    I’ve been to Ubud a couple of times, once several years ago for an Ashtanga retreat and once (last year) with a small group of friends, just to chill out. I love it there! On the last trip my husband and I hired a scooter and spent a lot of time checking out the countryside outside of town – it was gorgeous! We also made our way across to Nusa Lembongan and stayed in some rustic huts on the beach. Total bliss.
    An old friend of mine is in the process of relocating about to set up a new retreat in Bali… so I’m looking forward to the next trip when I can sample her program 🙂
    Sounds like you had a ball! Welcome home 🙂

  2. ericam95 · April 28, 2013

    Thanks for this Yaz, I am heading to Bali in July and will be sure to hit up the places you mentioned! Happy travels, Erica 🙂

  3. Katelyn · April 29, 2013

    This is AWESOME! I am heading over to Bali in a few months and was looking at staying at Jimbaran Bay for a few nights. I think Karma resort has my name written all over it. Thanks Yaz

  4. Sarah · April 29, 2013

    I love Bali so much, I try to get over there at least once a year. I like heading up into the mountains of Ubud but also love the restaurants along the beach at Jimbaran Bay. It’s a must-see when you head to Bali, plus, the food is sensational and so fresh.

  5. Cool list! Bali is so enormous that it helps to have recommendations from different people. I was living in Indonesia for 4 years and went to Bali about 7 times. Here’s a list that my friend initially gave me, that I added to as well:✈-my-bali-hitlist/

    I like to pass it on to friends when they are visiting Bali. Different people usually see different sides of the islands and it was nice reading your hitless!

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