My time in Bali has all but come to an end as I enjoy my next destination – Singapore.

But before I post my Bali Hit List with my favourite places to eat, sleep and see, I thought I’d touch on that common travel companion: trust.

It dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t really touched on the notion of trust on The Happiness Cocktail. Strange, as it’s one of the key pillars in my life and, well, everyone’s life when you think about it.

From the small, insignificant everyday things like trusting other drivers on the road or trusting your colleagues won’t nab your amazing quinoa chicken salad from the communal fridge, to deeper experiences like trusting your instincts, your sense of trust seems almost heightened on holidays.

For me, I tend to relax a little more when I’m away. I want to learn and delve and play with the culture I’m experiencing and not let everyday worries get in the way. But on the flip side of that I also find I need to trust people more, and that’s not always an easy thing to do. Especially when you’re jumping into cabs (AKA a strangers car) with little idea of where you are or where you’re heading, or asking locals for their advice on where to eat or see. You just never know where you might end up.

Overall I found the Balinese people to be incredibly warm, friendly and helpful. Never once did I feel unsafe or out of place. My instincts told me so. That little niggling in your gut that screams ‘when in doubt, get out’ that often gets ignored in favour of your head. Of course, the two are very different beasts.

Trusting your gut is becoming a lost art form, but being able to tap into this wonder allows you to fearlessly go forward and make decisions you may otherwise have struggled over. If your gut. Your instinct. Your guiding light says ‘go ahead’ then jump right in with both feet. Ignore your head, push all those fears and uncertainties and insecurities aside (unless you’re doing something obviously dangerous) and leap with both legs. It will be worth it, I promise.

Tell me Happies…

Are you in touch with your instincts?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


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