Week 1: Rest, Regroup and a Lesson Learned

I wouldn’t say the air is clear in Bali, but my mind definitely is. Taking a week to regroup, relax and rewind is, apparently, what I needed most in the world. It’s amazing the benefits that come from switching off electricals for a week. I suddenly have… space.

And time. Lots and lots of time to enjoy the local food, activities and customs here in Bali. Right now I’m up in the mountains of Ubud, spending my days at the amazing yoga barn, getting massage treatments and riding my bike through the rice fields. I’m also enjoying a little too much of the local cuisine, but that’s a given when you’re on holidays, right?


But it’s not all about R&R, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from the Balinese. They live simply here, with their strong sense of community and deep cultural traditions, it’s amazing how happy they are despite not really having that much.

In essence, they’re the antithesis of our culture: they live in villages with their entire family rather than move out and fly the coup, they have few material possessions but are rich in love and spirituality, and they talk, smile, interact with one another rather than looking the other way and pretending their fellow man is, in fact, standing right beside them. Ultimately, there’s a sense of community here that doesn’t really exist at home.

And so, in lesson one of ‘Life in Asia’ I’ve realised once again that family values, friendship and community reign supreme yet again. So on that note, I’m off to call home.

Tell me Happies…

Are you lucky enough to have a strong community back home?

When was the last time you switched off and tuned in?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Joan Nelson · April 9, 2013

    What a brilliant reminder of what really matters in life. Love!

  2. Natalie · April 9, 2013

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time Yaz! I felt the same when I was there last year. They are all smiling and the kids are happy with a soccer ball and their cousins to play with. I wish we all had “family communes” here. Would be far more fun to live and cook with my sisters while our kids played. Sigh. And it’s great you’ve unplugged. There’s nothing like starting a morning off slowly with a cup of tea and your thoughts rather than emails, Facebook and Pinterest! I’ll be there next week, so I’ll look out for you in Jimbaran! I’m so excited!!! xxx

  3. Me my best and I · April 10, 2013

    LOVE Ubud – honeymooned there, So, so special. Best yoga of my life at Honeymoon Guesthouse and OMG the food and Jamus at Casa Luna. Enjoy 🙂 So Jeal!

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