Pop It Like It’s Hot: Three Fun Popcorn Recipes

The other day I made popcorn. This is only remotely interesting because I was literally jumping around the kitchen like a small child overjoyed with the outcome (and process) of making this fun little treat. It’s so easy, you literally throw the popcorn kernels in a super hot pot with a little coconut oil, put the lid on, and wait for them all to pop. But of course you all know that, it’s hardly like I’m describing how to cook a Macaroon tower. But since this was such a joyful occasion, I thought I’d share three super tasty popcorn recipes for you to try.

Did you know? Researchers believe popcorn to have a higher antioxidant value than fruit and vegetables. Seriously! They also contain loads of fibre to keep things moving, so it’s a guilt-free snack after all. Hooray!

1. Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt and Raw Honey


This is the ingredient trio I had the other day and I can assure you it’s as delightful as it sounds. Simple, salty, sweet…it’s a taste sensation.

2. Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao, Chilli Powder and a dash of Lime


Image via Pinterest

Sounds odd but pleasantly surprising. Think a taste of South America that’s hot, sour and slightly bitter. Ole!

3. Ghee, Himalayan Salt, Fresh Coriander and Curry Powder


A slightly more savoury take on the old popcorn, this option fuses the tastes of India with trusty old corn. Go on, pop it!

Tell me Happies…

What do you think of these popcorn recipes?

Keen to try them?

Stay Happy,

Yaz x



  1. Georgia · March 19, 2013

    Gahh, they sound SO good Yaz!! I can’t wait to make all three of them. I’m particularly fond of savoury popcorn. Yummo! x

  2. May · March 28, 2013

    Oh my gosh. YUM! Never thought of popcorn as a guilt-free snack, seeing as it’s usually made with butter and salt. These sound more delish AND healthy! Genius. Can’t wait to try the curry one!

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