Feeling Tired This Week? Blame The Man in the Moon

Phew, I’m pooped! Not just a little tired, but toothpicks holding up my eyelids tired. Slow. Almost, dare I say it… lazy. This has nothing to do with pregnancy mind you, I’ve been asking my girlfriends the same question this week and we’re all in sync; for some strange reason, our energy levels are suddenly at an all time low.

So, after a little digging and the wisdom of my yoga teacher, I’ve found an answer. Turns out it’s a NEW MOON, and this, Happies, has much to do with our lethargy.


As our biology teachers made us recite, humans are made up mostly of water. Around 70%, I think. Because of our watery nature, we are linked to the phases of the moon far more than we realise. I mean, if the tides are affected, why wouldn’t we be? The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are working in conjunction with one another, unlike a full moon where the two are opposing. While full moons are more commonly associated with a little madness (it’s actually a more energetic, uplifting energy that rattles our groundedness), the new moon is the exact opposite – a grounded, heavy energy that can make us more tired and lethargic than normal. Makes sense, right?

While the new moon is slowly transitioning as of tonight, if you’re also feeling exhausted, it’s time to nurture your body and listen to Mother Nature. Here are some ways to honour yourself…

1. Don’t do anything! This is often one of the hardest things for people to do. Simply sit and be OK with not having anything to do. Or, having lots of things to do but realising that, perhaps, they’re not that urgent and can wait a day or two. I have about 10 things on my to-do list today, but they’re not urgent, so guess what? They can wait. I’m not going to bust my boobies ticking everything off my list. My body doesn’t want to, and neither do I.

2. Breathe! Pranayama exercises are an amazing way to bring balance into your body. Depending on what you’re doing, they help cultivate energy, develop grounding and even detoxify the system. While I can’t currently practice pranayama (not recommended for pregnant ladies), I think it’s a great way for you to take some time for yourself. If you don’t know what pranayama is, or aren’t really interested in learning, just do what I’m currently doing and focus on creating a long, even inhale and exhale. It feels amazingly relaxing.

3. Hit the bush track! Now that the weekend is upon us it might be a wonderful time to go for a gentle stroll in nature. Nothing too exhausting, just a calming walk on a bush or beach-front track to reconnect with nature and harness some much needed energy. A gentle bike ride could also be a winner. In fact, I think I might pack a picnic and do just that tomorrow. It’s just what I need.

So tell me…

Are you feeling tired too?
What do you do to honour yourself?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. fortheintolerants · March 16, 2013

    So that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet like a zombie this week. Explains a lot. Will try to pranayama my way through it. Hope you feel less tired soon too!

  2. rrracho · March 16, 2013

    I seem to always know it’s the new moon when I’m feeling super tired and moody. It’s supposed to be a good time for new beginnings and meditation. A time for introspection. I take restorative classes or explore mind-body awareness in my low-key asana practice.

  3. Nicola · March 18, 2013

    Very interesting! I’m feeling exhausted at the moment! Part of that is not being able to sleep, but this could be a part of it too.

  4. Mark Spencer · April 12, 2016

    A lot of websites tell you that new moon brings energy to start projects or whatever.. But I feel like doing NOTHING.. I was actually hyperactive doing stuff till the day of the new moon and then everything collapsed.. Spending twelve hours in bed for four days now and lightly depressed.. Hopefully change in the weeks to come cuz I was on a sweet drive..

    Thanks for your post

  5. Lauren Nicole · November 18

    yeesssss I’ve been so tired!!!

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