It’s Back: Oprah & Deepak’s FREE 21-Day Meditation

Sometimes it’s as though Oprah is in my head. I mean, the lady is clearly a self-help genius and when paired with her mate, Deepak, the two sure know what the masses want. Yes, Happies, just when I was feeling all vexed about my recent lack of commitment to my meditation practice, along comes this peaceful pair to promote their latest 21-Day Meditation Challenge – Perfect Health. Hooray!

Their last venture together was all about creating abundance in your life. It was glorious and helpful and incredibly insightful. Each morning I would perch on my cushion and eagerly tune into the soothing sounds of Deepak as he trained my brain to open, invite and welcome abundance into all areas of my life. Gosh it was good!

Now, it’s all about Perfect Health, which clearly is right up my rue. The connection between mind, body and spirit and how when these three elements are in perfect harmony, wellness is the only state your body could possibly be in. Of course, I’m learning all about this now in my Health Coach training, but having a daily meditation around this exact topic is just the icing on the flourless fruit cake.

Hey, if Rufus here can do it so can we, right?


And so it begins. Well, on the 11th of March it begins but you can register now and I encourage anyone wanting to invite a little more wellness into their lives to go ahead and leap right in. It’s FREE, so why not? In fact, during the 21-Day period I invite you all to skip on over to The Happiness Cocktail so we can share our experiences and encourage each other to take part in the meditations each day. A Deepak/Oprah ‘Love In’ so to speak.

Stay Happy (and let me know if you’re going to sign up),

Yaz xx



  1. Erin @ Lemongrass Love · February 25, 2013

    I’ve already signed up! I missed the last one, but heard it was amazing. Bring on March 11th! I have serious love & appreciation for sir Deepak! x

  2. aalif · February 25, 2013

    Haha.. super pic of Rufus… Have you photoshopped that, Yaz?

  3. Ingrid · February 27, 2013

    Thank you so much for the tip Yaz, I will be heading over and registering now.

    This sounds like just what I need right now x

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