The Natural Basics I Highly Recommend

While indulging in a gorgeous face mask or body treatment is a delight to the senses, it’s often those everyday things that people really want to know about. Right? I think so. So, here’s my list of daily essentials that I think are worthy of a mention here on The Happiness Cocktail. The things I use day in, day out that work a treat for me and also happen to be naturally-derived. Less chemicals + equally as effective = happier home all around.

1. The Toothpaste – Grants Toothpaste with Aloe Vera


A few months ago I made the switch from regular toothpaste to a more natural option, that option being Grants. At first it took a little getting used to, with all those new, natural flavours swirling around in my mouth, but now I love it. It does contain Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, which isn’t ideal, but when compared to regular toothpaste you’re cutting the chemicals in bucket loads. Plus, my teeth always feel super clean and fresh after washing with this, which is exactly what you want, right?

2. The Deodorant – Soap Walla Deodorant Cream


I never thought I’d see the day that a natural deodorant could give me as much protection as a regular one. But HOORAY! that day came with the arrival of Soap Walla Deodorant Cream – an all-natural formula based on clay, vegetable powders and essential oils that really, truly, honestly works. While you do have to rub the product on, rather than spray, I find I’m actually sweating LESS since using this product. I’ve heard your sweat glands react to conventional deodorants in a way that changes your smell and can actually make you sweat more, and while there’s no set proof to these claims, I’m personally noticing a difference since making the switch. Plus, there’s something about spraying all those synthetic ingredients into your sweat glands right near your breasts that irks me a little.

3. The Laundry Liquid – ecostore Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid


I absolutely love the ecostore range of products – everything from their body care to their laundry care gets me excited. It’s simple, affordable and plant-based, and offers cleaning results just as good, if not better, than other non-natural options. With the laundry liquid, the strong scent of eucalyptus coats my clothes, making them all fresh and lovely and clean. The range is completely free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, optical brighteners, synthetic dyes and perfumes and uses plant-based surfactants over chemical ones. Plus, you only need the tiniest bit for one large load. WIN!

4. The Body Wash – Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand & Body Shikakai Lavender Soap 


Dr. Bronner is all over it. Not only are the ingredients organic and natural, but certified fair trade as well, meaning the small communities where most of the ingredients are coming from are getting a good price for their wares. Basically, everyone wins here. In terms of the performance, this body wash cleans and refreshes without stripping your skin of natural oils. It’s heaven! I’m also a huge fan of the Pure Castile Soaps and the Virgin Coconut Oil. You can’t go wrong here.

Tell me Happies…

Do you have any essentials you’d like to share?
Any of these take your eye?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Alex · February 15, 2013

    Dr Bronner lavender castile soaps has been the best addition to the floor of my shower EVER.

  2. Coco · February 15, 2013

    This is a little freaky! A few months ago I started substituting my regular essentials with more natural products and we have similar taste! I use Riddells Creek certified organic toothpaste (love the mint), Eco Store laundry powder and Dr Bronners liquid/bar soaps! The deodorant- I was on a seemingly endless quest for the results you are describing. Will definitely be tracking down a pot of Soap Walla Deo Cream ASAP! Thanks heaps for the tip 🙂

    I was pleasantly surprised when I started looking for/using natural alternatives, many are so much more effective and economical than the conventional rubbish found in pharmacies and supermarkets everywhere. Not to mention the lovely feeling of having a clear conscience. Being health-safe and environmentally friendly brings me peace of mind which ultimately enhances my enjoyment of daily routines. It’s awesome and totally worth the effort of going outside my comfort zone to try something new.

  3. winterlust · February 15, 2013

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for chemical free products but without personal recommendations, I haven’t had much luck!

  4. memybestandi · February 22, 2013

    I need to make the transition to a more natural toothpaste – I’ve tried to before and fond teeth seemed more stained & yellow. LOVE Soapwalla , it really does work , wish they somehow could package it in roll on though. Am obsessed with Dr Bronner Liquid Soap in almond and citrus. Really want to try peppermint too.

  5. Sarah W · February 22, 2013

    Reblogged this on recommended by Sarah and commented:
    Great to see someone else’s recommendations!

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