Lazy In The Kitchen? I’ve Got The Solution For You

There’s nothing I love more than a healthy home-cooked meal. OK, that’s a lie. There’s plenty of things I love more, but in the spirit of this blog, let’s pretend it’s my most prized event. But sometimes life gets busy. Hectic. Exhausting even. And for a vast majority of people cooking’s a chore, so you know, they prefer to grab takeaway and spend the night doing things they actually enjoy.

Cue in: ‘From My Kitchen’ – a delightful Sydney-based company that has literally burst onto the health food scene thanks to its young creator Rachel Gorney and her life transformation. After studying to become a makeup artist, Rachel decided that makeup wasn’t her true passion in life. Instead, she sought the skills of an IIN Health Coach (something I will soon be myself), who taught her fancy foodie words like kale, organic, chia, raw cacao and more.

From that moment on, Rachel was in the kitchen whipping up healthy treats for herself and realised that this was, in fact, her life’s purpose. Now, it’s going nuts. Here’s why: “All the ingredients are 100% organic, using only the finest natural products and super foods available. All the recipes are sugar free, gluten free and vegan. They are homemade, guilt free and of course 100% tasty,” Rach explains.

Rachel was generous enough to drop a snack pack off to my front door, filled with incredibly tasty treats like kale crisps, hemp power bars, granola crunch, hummus, heaven balls and more. It was a playground of healthy snacks, so good that my husband and I whipped through its contents far too fast to ever admit to the masses. Let me just say you HAVE to try them out.
Here are the options available for order…

1.The ‘Trial Snack Pack’ contains five products; they are for first time customers only. They contain enough snacks for one person’s weekly supply.

2.The ‘Weekly Snack Pack’ contains six products of your choice, enough to keep you going throughout your busy week. They contain enough for two people for a weeks supply or can last for up to two weeks worth of snacks.

3. The ‘Travel Pack’ contains four products of your choice with added herbal teas and vital greens to make flying a treat.

As I mentioned, the company is only a few months old so Rachel is still in the process of setting up her website. Plus, word is spreading fast so her days are mostly spent fulfilling orders (she’s catering for Vogue Australia event today after they spotted it on my Instagram) so you’ll have to email her for a menu and pricing options. Or, simply look her up on Facebook where you can get her contact details and see her latest creations. My advice? Get in quick!

Tell me Happies…
Have you heard of From My Kitchen?
Are you lazy in the kitchen?
Do you wish someone would deliver healthy snacks to your door?

Stay Happy,

Yaz x


  1. chiamiablog · November 20, 2012

    I tried some of her stuff at an event last week. It is amazing! The Hummus is to die for.

  2. mrs v · November 20, 2012

    Hi Yaz, sounds yum! Do you mind me asking how you’re finding the IIN training? I’ve been looking at their online course for some time and am thinking of taking the plunge. There are so many online nutrition courses out there though, it is difficult to know which ones are best and worth their dollars! Thanks so much xx

    • Yaz Trollope · December 1, 2012

      Hi Mrs V. I am 4 weeks in and really enjoying it so far. It’s wonderful, especially if you plan on being a health coach. It depends on what you’re after but it is perfect for me and my requirements. Hope that helps, Yxx

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