Do you wear natural fabrics?

Who ever knew I would get so much pleasure out of a pair of yoga pants? Seriously. We’ve all been there, I’m sure, working out in the usual tight lycra feeling as though our skin is itchy, hot, uncomfortable and definitely not breathing. I know I have and it stinks. Literally.

But before we all get too hot and bothered, let me reveal to you a revelation. Natural fibres! I know I’m late to the party, but discovering this little nugget of goodness has changed my life in the same way that organic tampons have. I could live, sleep, stand on my head and slide into downward dog wearing natural cotton. And I have been.

Here’s the backstory. I recently came across Bodha Clothing (actually, Emily from Bodha came across Nadia and I and sponsored us for our Salute Your Skin workshop) and have since been enjoying unprecedented freedom courtesy of their Sabi 3/4 Tights. Said tights have been providing me with so much joy, I find them hard to take off. In fact, if I could live in them I think I would. I know it sounds nuts being so excited about a pair of pants, but if, like me, you’d been shimmying into a pair of polyester/elastin numbers for the past year, you’d be just as high on the difference as I am.

Here they are…

And so, a healthy obsession was born. Intrigued by both the delightful Emily from Bodha and her journey to create this lovely brand, I thought I’d quiz her on life, passions and why natural fibres feel so damn good. Here’s how it played out…

Me:  How was Bodha born? Because, you know, I’m thrilled it was. 

Em: I think, like most people, I always wanted to do something I’m passionate about, that I really believe in. My parents were involved in textiles and fashion and both practised yoga so these have been constant threads in my life.

I studied fashion in London and Vancouver and always practised yoga in some form, so when I couldn’t find yogawear that looked good and wasn’t synthetic, I realised I could bring my passion and experience together to create something I wanted to wear and hopefully others would too.

Me:  What are the main differences between synthetic and natural fabrics? Aside from causing serious discomfort and let’s be honest, in some cases, severe discomfort in our nether-regions.

Em: Synthetic fabrics are made from chemicals, primarily petroleum oils. Because they are essentially plastic they are non-hypoallergenic, non-antimicrobial and non-biodegradable – in other words they’re not healthy for you, your skin or the environment. They promote the growth of bacteria and fungi and build up static electricity which can irritate your skin. Synthetic fabrics also sit in our landfills for up to 200 years and every time you wash them thousands of plastic micro particles get released into our waterways.

Me: Why, in your opinion, should people make the switch from synthetic to natural fabrics?

Em: Natural fabrics are much healthier for you and the environment, and I think they look and feel better too. Your skin is your largest organ, it is literally breathing and has the ability to absorb. Natural fabrics work in harmony with your skin allowing it to breathe and function as it should, which is especially important for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema. And if you’re interested in eating naturally and using natural products wearing natural fabrics is just as important.

Me: Synthetic fabrics are generally cheaper than natural ones. A lot of people are concerned with the price of products. Why make the switch?

Em: In all areas of our lives processed refined products have become cheaper than natural products. Unfortunately this often doesn’t reflect the true cost of these goods on us or our environment. I totally understand that people are stretched financially, but I think the benefits of natural fabrics far outweigh any price differential. If you need to prioritise go for natural underwear and exercise wear because they’re closest to your skin.

Me: Your brand ethos is beautiful, what do you do to come back to yourself?

Em: The concept of ‘coming back to yourself’ underlies everything about Bodha. I really believe that taking a moment to reconnect with yourself everyday is one of the most important things. For me a huge part of this is practising yoga but I also like to walk outside, burn essential oils, cook – basically anything that helps me tune into my body and senses.

Ahh, isn’t she a delight?

Tell me Happies…
Do you wear natural fabrics?
Do you want to now?


One comment

  1. Emily l'Ami · November 8, 2012

    Wow thank-you so much Yaz!

    It was so wonderful to meet you too and to learn all your tips and tricks about natural beauty at the Salute Your Skin workshop. I hope our paths continue to cross.

    All love

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