Supposedly, this is the healthiest meal ever. Do you agree?

Imagine designing a menu that was ‘The Healthiest Meal Ever’? What would it look like? What would it include? Lots of greens, one would presume. And lots of fresh ingredients, whole grains and fish, probably.

Well, we don’t have to hypothesise anymore, Happies. The generous team over at independent British-based Leatherhead Food Research (yep, that’s their real name. And they’re serious) took it upon themselves to create the meal of all meals.

Here’s their prototype…


The rules were simple: come up with one meal that legitimised all the 222 food claims currently approved by the European Commission. These claims can be anything from ‘low fat’ to ‘improves cholesterol’ to ‘builds muscle’. Strangely, it was to also be a meal that someone could eat while on an aircraft, rather than in a restaurant or at home.

Apparently, it wasn’t that hard. It took the team one week to create this…

Entree: First up, we start with a fresh and smoked salmon terrine and a high fibre multi-grain bread. The bread itself packs 17 health claims into one bun, while the salmon is known to improve heart health.

Salad + Main: Next, let’s enjoy a mixed leaf salad with extra virgin dressing for some cholesterol healing, before moving onto a chicken casserole with vegetables and lentils. This one came out a clear winner, packing 80 claims into one course. Amazing!

Dessert: To finish off the ‘Healthiest Meal Ever’ one might like to indulge in a live yoghurt blancmange pudding with walnuts and sugar-free caramel sauce, all washed down with a cranberry, raspberry and elderflower flavoured sports drink. Because, you know, all that flying requires a sport drink. The up-side is that the drink does contain calcium, zinc, chromium copper, iron, potassium, magnesium and more.

And if all that food gets a little too much on the gut, the team recommend an activated charcoal tablet to reduce flatulence and save your fellow passengers. Wow! They really have thought of everything.

Or have they? I would have like to see just a few more greens in there, and I generally avoid having dairy with other foods (especially fresh fruit and vege), which I’ve already mentioned in the past. That said, the chicken does sound delicious. And sugar-free caramel sauce, does that even exist?

What do you think Happies, does this meal appeal to you?

Stay Happy,

Yaz x



  1. Lexi T (@_misslexi) · June 19, 2012

    Would love to know what their vegetarian options were because none of that sounds good to me.

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