Quick, Smart Breakfast Eggs

Let’s be honest, the old poached eggs on toast is tasty but it gets a bit tired after a while. So, for my non-vegan friends, let’s take a tour down yolk lane, perusing some of the more interesting options of our healthy little friend, The Egg.

Option 1: Dairy-free scramble with capsicum, onion and smoked paprika

Oh, the woody flavour of smoked paprika is enough to get the Turk in me excited, but when paired with a dash of coconut oil, capsicum, browned onion and a broken mishmash of organic eggs, I’m pretty much jumping off the couch. Serve it with sprouted bread, avocado and a smattering of Himalayan salt and pepper and you’re good to go. YUM!

FUN EGGY FACT:  Eggs are really good for your sight. Thanks to the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, which eggs give us more of than any other source, muscular degeneration and cataracts in the eyes are significantly reduced by eating an egg a day. 

Option 2: Bread & Circus’ Boiled Eggs Mezze Plate

I had the pleasure of going to Bread & Circus the other day. It’s a lovely little wholefood cafe in Alexandria that serves up tasty morsels of healthy deliciousness. Cue in: a divine orchestra of biodynamic essene bread with organic avo, fresh tomato under olive oil & coriander, a boiled biodynamic egg and biodynamic ricotta. Oh yeah!

Here’s the visual…

While this is a cafe breakfast, it would be a simple matter of throwing some biodynamic products on a plate if you wanted to recreate it at home. Oh, the goodness. I can’t’ wait to make this myself.

Wondering what essene bread is? I did too. It’s just a fancy name for sprouted bread – a pantry staple I’m definitely familiar with.

Here’s the backstory that I found on essenehealthbread.com…

“The name “Essene” is derived from a recipe of the ancient Essenes, a living food Jewish religious sect of mystics living in the Middle East around the 1st Century, who had quite an apparent influence on the Christian Church.

Although sprouting is a simple process, the Essenes knew it had a huge effect on the grain. It makes indigestible grain easily digestible, flavourful, alive, and extremely delicious. You might say that sprouts are a “pre-digested” food, full of enzymes and nutrients. (Readers of “The Eat Right Diet” by Dr. D’Adamo will note that Essene Bread is recommended for all blood types.)

You learn something new everyday.

What are your favourite ways to serve eggs?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Pamela Powers · June 16, 2012

    Hi, nice recipe, it looks so good. I got intrigue about the himalayan salt so i did a google search and came across this website that is giving out a 10% off your entire purchase in any himalayan salt product. I though you liked to know. The promo code is HIMALITA10 and it states to apply it on check out. http://authentichimalayansalt.com

  2. Ahh, organic avo is a must this time of year. The standard supermarket fare just tastes like damp paper.

    My favourite way to serve them is poached with a little (okay, a lot of) smashed avocado and a bitey feta. And a great bread can make all the difference!

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