Raw, Organic, Vegan Chocolate That Will Make Your Head Spin

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of dark chocolate. Huge fan. Its bitter flavour, velvet texture, antioxidant-packed ingredients and good heart health credentials all make it, you know, irresistible.

So, you can image my delight when a sweet little package of Conscious Chocolate arrived at my doorstep this week. Oh, the excitement. With the promise of being raw, organic, hand-made AND healthy, it was love at first nibble.

While I’d never heard of the brand before, the packaging instantly sparked my curiosity and after unveiling the edible insides, it was clear that this chocolate wasn’t just your average block of Old Gold. Which, for the record, only gets my tick of approval if it’s 70% and above.

A recent study found that indulging in 100g of dark chocolate everyday reduced the risk of heart disease in the study’s subjects. Clearly, the stuff is a winner in the health stakes, but when you toss in the added benefits of Conscious Chocolate, you have yourself one very happy customer.

Here’s some fun fact about Conscious Chocolate…

  1. It’s organic.
  2. It’s also RAW. Why does that matter? Well, cocao is considered a bit of a superfood, but like most foods, when you cook or heat it, its nutritional value is reduced. It also becomes acidic. By keeping the cocao raw, you keep all those amazing nutrients intact,  nourishing your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Winner!
  3. It’s naturally sweetened with agave nectar
  4. It’s vegan
  5. It’s made in Australia with all-natural ingredients including cacao, coconut oil, cinnamon and himalayan crystal salt
  6. It’s low GI, gluten, soy and dairy free
  7. It’s the TASTIEST chocolate I’ve ever eaten. Ever. Ever ever
  8. It’s also wrapped in the cutest packaging I’ve seen for some time

9. And, it’s available in a number of great shops that can all be found here. Or online here.

The mint was out of this world, as was the yet-to-be-released extra dark flavour they sent me. In all honesty, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the flavours and if you’re into smooshy, soft, incredibly rich chocolate that packs a serious punch, you’re going to love this, too. It’s like no chocolate I’ve ever tried before. Now, if only I had a few more blocks.

Have you heard of Conscious Chocolate before?
Do you want to try it?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Kelsey · June 11, 2012

    I absolutely love this chocolate, the one with nuts is so devine and satisfies that little sweet craving with a cup of tea or glass of red on these cold winter nights.

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA · June 11, 2012

    Love it too, the packaging is such a winner! Just wish there was a little more choco inside the packaging for the price 🙂 X

  3. Valeria · June 11, 2012

    This choc is the bomb dot com!

  4. sophie · June 11, 2012

    I got given an Orange flavour bar last week by a friend when I was in need of cheering up. I have been saving it for a special occasion as it just looked too good to wolf down! Yummo.

  5. Steph · June 11, 2012

    Wow, 100g of choc a day??? That’s like a whole block of Green and Blacks – I guess it doesn’t take calories into account. Ok then, bring it on!

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  7. smilesandhappiness · June 13, 2012

    This looks so good! I’m gonna try a vegan diet for three weeks so this is definitely something I’m gonna try, can’t live without chocolate! I love your posts, that’s why I nominated you for the sunshine award, it’s all yours! check it out: http://smilesandhappiness.wordpress.com/

  8. Spencer Samaroo · June 22, 2012

    Looks interesting. I wouldn’t mind tasting some. I am sure it tastes great.

  9. Jessica · July 11, 2012

    Hey Yaz! The website and twitter are down, anyone know if they\’re having problems? Hopefully it\’s just a glitch and as I would love to buy some! Anyone know where else I could purchase it?

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