Date Night Fun: Four (not too exxy) ways to make love, not war

I don’t know about you, but sometimes planning a weekly date night leaves you shooting blanks in the fresh, fun ideas department. Movie? Boring. Dinner? Just eaten. Lie on the couch and snuggle? Yeah, alright. Not exactly glamorous but it saves me from thinking of anything else.

Here are four common date nights (and days) my hubby and I use when we’re in the mood for bonding. No couches allowed!

1. The ‘Dinner with a VERY Happy Ending’ Date

Gosh, not that kind of happy. Although… No, seriously, one of our favourite date options is going for a thai massage at our favourite haunt in Bondi (Siam Cabana) and then floating out of there to have dinner and talk about how relaxed we are. Sure, we’re old and often do it on a Saturday night, but there’s nothing that screams romance quite like hearing your husband getting pulled and pummeled into a pretzel. Ah, bliss.

Cost: $60 each for a massage and a cheap and cheerful dinner for say, $30. TOTAL: $150

2. The ‘Exercise Veiled in Love’ Date

We’re walkers, my husband and I. Absolutely love it. So, on a gorgeous sunny day we pack our backpacks and take ourselves along the Sydney foreshore for a good few hours on a weekend. One of my favourites is from Rushcutters Bay around through Vaucluse, up to Dover Heights, over the back to Bondi and then home. Phew! If you’re not a Sydney-sider, that’s a bloody long walk (around 3 hours or so). We also love the idea of packing a picnic and stopping to much along the way. Yummy! And, just in case that wasn’t enough, we made a point of hiking up anything that even resembled a hill on holidays. Here we are in Croatia conquering yet another fort…

Cost: Free, aside from lunch. TOTAL: $10

3. The ‘Laughing Gets You Lucky’ Date

To me, there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh. Especially when it’s with someone you love. We live across the road from The Comedy Store, so sometimes pop over there for a good laugh and a bottle of vino. It’s so much fun! Most states have a comedy club and if you check the schedule, it’s surprising how many good acts come through. You’ll be talking about it for days after and the laughs just keep on coming. LOVE IT!

Cost: Anywhere from $10 – $40 a ticket. Plus wine. TOTAL: $60

4. The ‘Ride of Your Life’ Date 

When we were in New York, Alex and I rode bikes from West Village all the way up to the Cloisters. It took over an hour each way and was an absolute delight. Of all the amazing things we did there, this was my favourite. The entire journey was paved and quite flat, as it weaved along the Hudson River and showed off the glorious city from a completely new angle. My point? If you have a bike, or are travelling overseas and looking for a great way to get around, hire bikes and go for a spin. Or even kayaks, they’re good too. This is us paddling to a secluded waterfall in Wilderness, South Africa.

Cost: Kayak or bike hire $20 hr

Even if you don’t have a partner, any of these ideas are wonderful for sharing with friends and family. It’s so important to balance ‘life life’ with ‘fun, adventurous, real life’, so make it a priority to get out there and start living more and doing less.

What are your favourite date ideas?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


One comment

  1. Annette @ Wellness WA · June 11, 2012

    Super cute! Love that you get such a cheap massage AND in the evening and can dash out to dinner afterwards, total bliss. x

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