What’s your workout routine? Mine goes a little something like this…

Confession time: I don’t actually have a workout routine. I don’t care for routines too much – too boring. Same-y. Predicable. And if there’s one thing in your life you don’t want to be boring or same-y or predictable, it’s your workout.

That said, I do try to exercise at least 4 days a week. Sometimes that involves a fast walk in the park, a yoga class, or a Pump class at the gym, and sometimes it means a few lazy downward dogs or a stroll down at the beach. Technically speaking, I know the latter options aren’t really counted as a workout, but something is better than nothing, right? Too right.

So, here’s what a typical week might look like for me…

Monday – Quick Spin Around Centennial Park

What? For those non-Sydney residence, Centennial Park is a delightful park close to the city. It’s our version of Central Park, only smaller and fewer creeps hiding in bushes. I walk and run around the park, then through it, then around and back through, which takes about an hour or so. It’s fun!

Extras: Lunges, tricep dips and step ups on random objects. Oh, and the hubby is threatening hill sprints but we’ll see about that. Might keel over!

Playlist: Florence & the Machine: Dog Days are Over. Hilarious irony in that title but it’s more about the part that urges you to run fast for your mother and fast for your father that really gets me moving.

Tuesday – Boxing

What? I go to boxing with my best mate quite regularly (although we’ve been a bit slack the last few weeks) and Tony, our trainer, literally kicks our asses. You can’t walk for a few days after. Seriously! When I’m not there, I also blow into the ‘family comes free’ offer at my mum’s gym, Vision Neutral Bay. I mainly go there to socialise with a bit of boxing on the side. FUN TIMES! Both go for an hour.

Extras: Dinner with family and friends afterwards. Does that count?

Playlist: A personal request from my crazy mum: Rihanna: S&M. She was mortified when she realised what RiRi was actually singing about. We’re still laughing.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Yoga

What? Since coming home I’ve been doing a lot of home yoga practice through YogaGlo.com but last week, I signed up to a little studio in Potts Point (Yoga Village) and went nearly everyday. It’s so good to be back. Prior to Yoga Village I went to Body Mind Life in Surry Hills and did Power Yoga, but right now, I’m on the hunt for my perfect practice. Hatha Vinyasa is proving to be quite beautiful.

Extras: The more yoga I do, the more meditation I do. It’s like their intrinsically linked. Yep, they definitely are.

Playlist: Sacred Earth: Music for Inner Peace.

Friday – Yoga


Saturday – Pump

What? I have the strength of a newborn kitten so one of my main goals this year was to beef up. Haha! Not really, just get a little more lean muscle so that my metabolism could work when I wasn’t and burn fat when I was lazing around.

Pump is a fun way to incorporate a little strength training into your workout, plus, as I don’t really know my way around a weights room, it makes it heaps easier to work different areas without looking completely lost.

Extras: As I’m heading into the gym anyway, I might take myself on a little 10 minute run, or X-train before getting going. Oh, plus Fitness First offer free newspapers to their members. Hooray! That said, I’m not actually a member, I get to accompany the hubby on weekends as a gold member treat.

Playlist: Hmm, anything from ’80s power ballads to the Rocky tune.

Sunday – Rest

Playlist: Noise Boyz: Declaration of Love. Quietly obsessed with this song.

Tell me Happies…

What does your workout routine look like?
Anything like this?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. hollybracken · May 28, 2012

    I’m the opposite of you Yaz, I love a routine! It’s all too hard if I have to think about what to do!
    Mon – cardio at the gym with the boyfriend
    Tues – toning class in the park
    Wed – morning walk and gossip with a friend
    Thu – toning class in the park
    Fri – cardio at the gym with the boyfriend
    Sat – Pilates
    Keeps me fit and sane! I always exercise in the morning, puts me in a good mood and makes me nice and hungry for brekkie …

  2. Niki · May 28, 2012

    My workout schedule varies weekly depending on how busy work/social life is, but I usually try to do 2-3 30minute circuts, 1-2 yoga sessions, plus some outdoor activity (bike ride, coast walk, etc). At the moment I’m working on incorporating a weekly run into my routine to improve my cardio. Even though I’ve neevr been much of a runner I’m finding I get quite a kick out of the “runner’s high”. I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing though. Maybe when I get a gym membership after I get back from my holiday!

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  4. exhilaratedliving · July 10, 2012

    haha i am the same, i don’t like routine. I find that it takes the fun out of exercising. That’s also why i’m not a huge fan of working out at the gym. Instead, i like to rotate between long walks outside (i walk EVERYWHERE too!), hiking, and jogging when the weather isn’t too cold.

  5. Gil · September 21, 2012

    Yaz..I’ve tried and done many “routines” over the years, but none has been as satisfying to me as Boxing. Even though you have the traditional boxing routine, I like to mix in the jump rope between rounds on the bags, etc to keep things fresh. I no longer lift weights, but just stick with regular pushups, crunches, squats, pullups, etc. Whacking away at the heavy and speed bags after a long day at work is theraputic.

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