Clean Sweep: Juice Cleansing Tips You’re Going To Love

While bloating and flatulence might be entertaining for those males among us, it’s safe to assume us ladies would do anything to prevent an awkward Carrie Bradshaw moment. And by anything, I mean a juice cleanse.

According to Health + Wellness Coach, Claire Obeid, “cleansing is incredibly beneficial for the overall functioning of your body and digestive system. Cleansing reduces the level of toxins in the body and helps to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, develop healthier eating habits, lose weight, reduce appearance of cellulite, increase energy levels, and make skin clearer and more radiant. To get the most out of the detox process it’s important to prepare for the cleanse properly by changing a few habits before you start cleansing.”

So clearly, it’s a winner. But what next? What do you do when you make the commitment to embark on a cleanse, but don’t have the money (or location) for a home-delivered juice cleanse like Urban Remedy or Schkinny Maninny?

Luckily for us, Claire happens to know a lot about cleansing, working for both Urban Remedy and as a health coach, she’s the go-to girl for all things bloaty and tooty.

Here are her top 3 cleansing tips…

1) Cancel all social engagements that will tempt you to break your cleanse. Cleansing is a time to slow down and enjoy some quiet time, so clear your diary!

2) Clean up your diet. Wean yourself off coffee, alcohol, red meat, sugar and dairy a week before you start cleansing. Avoid processed foods, increase wholefoods and inject more fresh green leafy veg, nuts and herbal tea than you can handle. This is the time to really feed your body with nutrients.

3) Book in some T.L.C – cleansing involves the whole body, from your skin to your stomach. So book in some much needed ‘me’ time – a sauna/steam session, massage or restorative yoga class are great ways to encourage the detox process and help you to check in with yourself.

So, your social calendar is clear and you’ve booked in a sauna. Now, it’s time to prepare. To complete a juice cleanse you’ll need a juicer. Look for an option that keeps as many of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the fruit and vegetables as possible. I’ve heard incredible things about the Coway Juicepresso, which uses this fancy ‘Smart Extraction System’ to slowly press out the juice while keeping more of the nutritious enzymes, minerals and vitamins in. The result? Tastier juice that has all the goodness still in its ingredients.  Good one!

You’ll also need to stock up on fresh fruit and vegies, obviously. Greens like kale, cucumber, spinach, and apple for a bit of sweetness, should all be combined for a fresh green juice. And look for nuts (I like cashews and almonds) to bulk up your juice or smoothie come dinner time. Oh, and when I say smoothie, I’m not talking dairy.

Fresh berries are also great to add to your juices, as are pears. Also start the day with warm lemon water to kick-start your system and keep you alkaline. Oh, and don’t forget herbs like parsley and mint to add zing to your juice, as well.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the YES list and NO list…


Herbal tea (you can have green if you’re crazy for caffeine)
Filtered water
Coconut water
Lemons, limes
Vegetables – of all varieties. Beets, greens, anything that juices
Fruit – berries, pears, apples.. go crazy
Add ons – ginger, cinnamon, nuts and seeds


Grains with gluten
Processed foods
Pre-packaged juices (e.g. fruit juice from the supermarket)
Meat (can’t imagine being able to get a steak through the juicer anyway)
Nightshades (tomato, eggplant)
Anything cooked. Keep it RAW for your cleanse

While many of the things on the NO List are self-explanatory, it’s important to remember that for a few days at least, you’re going to give your system a rest and steer clear of solids. If, however, you simply can’t function, nibble on some avocado, or cucumber if need be.

For recipe inspiration, check out Reboot Your Life. Founded by Joe Cross, the guy from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, there’s heaps of tips, recipes and information on juicing. Or, sign up for the Urban Remedy newsletter, it’s the only newsletter I actually enjoy receiving.

How do you feel about juicing?
Have you got any recipes of your own to share?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx

Claire Obeid is a health + wellness coach for Urban Remedy ( and The Wellness Project (



  1. shonagh walker · May 15, 2012

    Great blog Yaz! I’m embarking on the Urban Remedy Cleanse soon, so this will be my bible for the week!

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  3. Alia · May 15, 2012

    I am a big fan of juicing, either for your everyday routine or for a cleanse like this one. I just blogged about my own juicing experience on my blog a few weeks ago!

  4. Valeria · May 16, 2012

    I don’t really support juicing as it doesn’t help you get rid of the overgrown of yeast and other nasties in your body. The problem with juicing is it’s high in sugar which in turn stimulates unhealthy microbial overgrowth and low in nutrients. It’s also a massive waste of fruit and veg as you would never never consume the same amount in one sitting and juicing doesn’t really teach you about real food or how to eat after the fast is over. Another thing is that certain vegetables should not be consumed raw – like spinach – because it contains oxalic acid that binds calcium – so if you don’t have enough calcium with your meal it will start leeching it from your bones. Sorry to poop on your post but that’s my two cents.

    • Yaz Trollope · May 16, 2012

      Hi Valeria, absolutely no need to be sorry. All opinions are kindly welcomed and you expressed yours without malice (an often unwanted side-effect of cyber space) which is appreciated on The Happiness Cocktail. I think juicing is great to do occasionally, for short periods of time, and especially for people wanting to kick-start their healthy ways. I wouldn’t recommend doing it for long periods of time, or if they have serious illness or suffer severe fatigue. I think everything in moderation is good! That said, you raise some interesting points for those readers wondering if juicing is for them. Yx

  5. Jennifer Mogg · May 21, 2012

    Hi Yaz – after reading this, and then doing some other online research, I’ve decided to do a cleanse. Never considered it before, but as I have been trying to improve my diet this year, and just lately have been sluggish, I’m going to do it this weekend and see how I feel. Even convinced hubby to go on it too – helpful to have support! I’m going for Urban Remedy – mentioned your blog in the “how did you hear about us” during ordering. Thanks for the information!

    • Yaz Trollope · May 21, 2012

      That is so exciting, Jennifer. I think it’s great that you’ve roped your boy into doing it and can’t wait to hear how you feel. Can you come back and let me know what you think? Yxx

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