All this cost me $100: The grocery list you asked for

I was asked by one of your fellow Happies to provide a list of things I buy on a weekly basis. You know, a shopping list of sorts.

So, off I trotted to the shops to buy my weekly fuel. Here’s what followed…

Every week, our fruit and vegetable purchases change depending on the season, what’s in abundance, and what looks fresh and fabulous, that said, there’s always about this much. Never less. Sometimes more.

When you eat majority wholefoods, the basis of your diet is fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes, and a few whole grains like quinoa or millet to beef things up. So, grocery shopping is actually a very economical exercise – all this only cost $100. $100! That’s for 2 people for an entire week, averaging 16-18 meals each depending on how much we eat out.

OK, so here’s the list…

*A note before we get started: I bought the milk, peanut butter, berries, tomatoes, and sprouts from Coles and the rest from Harris Farm and our local organic grocer. I just bundled everything in there for simplicity sake. I would highly recommend buying your ‘fresh’ produce where it is most fresh and convenient for you. I always find the organic produce and the Harris Farm produce lasts much longer than the supermarket stuff. I’m sure the majority of you agree. 

  • Greens! As many as you can fit in your fridge. Think: Kale, Asian Greens, Watercress, Spinach, Rocket, Living Lettuce, and Silverbeet. All of which are in my collection today.
  • Other Cruciferous Vege! Many greens such as Kale, Cress, and Asian Greens are actually cruciferous, but for argument’s sake, let’s keep them as ‘Greens’ and add Cabbage (both red and white) and Cauliflower to the list this week. No Broc today but we do have it on high rotation.
  • Alliums! Onions (both red and brown) and garlic.
  • MUSHROOMS! As many varieties as you like.
  • Carrots, Beets, Capsicum.
  • Seasonal Fruit! This week I collected mandarines (great source of Vitamin C for immunity), Bananas, Frozen Berries (great in smoothies or on their own with walnuts for breakfast), Apples, Pineapple, Figs, Grapes and Lemons.
  • Sprouts! We buy ours from Coles as the brand there tends to last longer and not be as waterlogged as some of the others we’ve come across.
  • Natural Peanut Butter! Look for the highest percentage of peanuts and the lowest percentage of crap you can find. This Sanitarium one has 100% roasted peanuts, 0% sugar or crap. It’s good.
  • Organic Yoghurt! I don’t really do dairy, but this yoghurt actually makes my tummy happier. Unlike other varieties I’ve tried. It’s set in its tub and contains 5 different live cultures. Plus, there’s no added sugar or gunk. It’s all goodness. Wrap your lips around  Barambah Organics Organic Yoghurt. My pick of the bunch is the Bush Honey flavour, but the plain is pretty good too.
  • Milky Stuff! Cow’s milk and I don’t get on, so we rotate between Oat, Soy, Rice, and Almond milk. The ones I’ve found to be the best are Pure Harvest Organics and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (unsweetened) – both of which are sold at Coles (and probably Woolies, too).

Aside from the weekly stuff, like this, we have a cupboard full of seaweeds, legumes and grains, but I’ll leave that for another blog. Too. Much. Food. In. One. Space. Oh, and we do animal products like organic eggs, chicken, and beef from time-to-time too. I can throw in some suggestions for that if you like.

Stay tuned for part 2.0 but tell me…

Did this help with your shopping list?
Are there some things on there that you want to buy?
Do you have any favourite brands or suggestions you want to throw in the ring?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Lucy · May 2, 2012

    Hi Yaz – love the post, and completely agree on the flavour and durability of farmer’s market produce – just can’t be matched with supermarket stuff! Just wondering if you’ve ever substituted peanut butter for tahini – my naturopath got me onto this about 6 months ago and I’m absolutely addicted – Organic Unhulled Tahini on (spelt) toast with a tiny bit of honey on top – delish!

    • Yaz Trollope · May 2, 2012

      Hells yeah I have. I LOVE TAHINI! I will put that in my next grocery post because it’s the world’s best spread. We added it to our muesli yesterday and HOLY MOLY, it took it to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing, Lucy. Tahini + honey + toast = mouthwatering fun. Amazing tip. Yxx

      • Lucy · May 2, 2012

        Oooh interesting – I’ve never had it with muesli before! Apparently awesome in soups too, to make them creamy, yet to try this one too! I was so skeptical about it to begin with – I’ve been a TRUE peanut butter addict my entire life (used to get busted hiding in my bedroom with the jar and a spoon, stuffing my face – true story) – and so doubted this could take its place – but now I’m actually obsessed and get anxious if there isn’t a jar in my house! Super star that it is! 🙂 x

  2. Siobhan · May 3, 2012

    Love your posts. Do you have children? I have two teenage boys and this list wouldn’t be anywhere near enough!

    • Yaz Trollope · May 3, 2012

      Thanks so much, Siobhan. I love your comment! I don’t have children, especially of the teenage boy variety, which I’m sure eat you out of house and home. I do, however, have a hungry husband. Does that count? *Wink. Yxx

  3. Susi R · May 3, 2012

    Hey Yaz,
    Awesome list chica! I’m a big advocate of having a comprehensive spice box, I also always have certain canned and dried goods as well as stock in my pantry. So canned beans: cannellini beans, red and black beans, butter beans, etc. I have cans of tuna, I have packets of various kinds of lentils, chickpeas, Israeli couscous, soup mix legumes, basmati rice, etc. that way I can always whip something up easily if I need to. I also always have heaps of onions, lemons, garlic and ginger. I grow my own herbs on my windowsill and in spring will start growing capsicum, tomatoes, rocket, shallots, mini leeks, cucumber, chillies and kafir lime (the leaves are an absolute fave) in pots too. I eat a fair bit of organic super firm tofu and then about once a week I have meat, twice a week seafood – bought fresh on the day. I have a slight weakness for Swiss cheese but there are actually some health benefits in Swiss. I find that even when I have very limited money I can make good meals very cheaply set up this way.

    • Yaz Trollope · May 3, 2012

      Suse, tick, tick, tick to all those things. I have to say, I am totally jel of your herb growing abilities. It is on my to-do list to get a little something happening on my balcony because $3 for a crappy little sack of parsley is thievery. Love the super firm tofu, too. You should try my brown rice and tofu patties, they’re pretty heaven! Thanks for sharing. Yxx

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