Wrinkly Wisdom: A Word From The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

Sometimes, a 97-year-old woman has all the answers you’ve ever hoped to hear. Especially when said woman is the world’s oldest yoga teacher, a former actress, current ballroom dancing champion, and has a name like Tao Porchon-Lynch – the result of an Indian/French-Canadian lineage.

I stumbled across Tao on one of my many moments of web surfing and was entranced by her sense of fearlessness, peace, and festivity for life. She has been doing yoga since she was 8-years-old, and can drop into lotus with more ease than Larry Emdur cracking a naughty joke.

Here’s a video so you can see for yourself…

And here are a few of her lessons on life…

  1. Don’t procrastinate. “I never leave anything for tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.”
  2. Think positively. “I believe every time you put a negative thought into your mind, it will materialise. So, believe in yourself and know that anything is possible.”
  3. Look to nature. “Nature is my encyclopaedia of life.”
  4. Remember to breathe. “The breath awakens our mind and encourages our system to recycle and re-energise. It brings about the renewal of our bodies.”

I think there’s something to be said for living for every moment and not waiting for tomorrow to come. Tao is living proof that you can, in fact, do anything you put your mind to. So, if that’s the case, let’s imagine only the best.

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


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