There’s only ever going to be one YOU!

I have never been one of those flexible chicks who can put their legs behind their head and sit there with a smile. In fact, I struggle to do far easier yoga poses like half pigeon without feeling like my hips are about to become displaced.

So, you’d have to wonder why I signed up for a 3-hour hip opening workshop with the delightful Kathryn Budig – the second workshop in as many years that I’ve attended of this globe-trotting yogi’s. The reason, of course, if that what you often struggle with the most, is what you need to work on more than any other. For me, that’s hips. We’re in a love/hate relationship right now.

Aside from the obvious benefits of the yoga poses and dedicating 3 whole hours to my tightly strung hips, Kathryn managed to drop a few not-at-all-yogi-like phrases in her workshop that resonated with me.

Case in point: There’s only ever going to be one YOU! 

Obviously! But Kathryn’s point was made in regards to living your life as best you can. Not putting too much pressure on yourself, always doing your best, and perhaps most importantly, making the most of your life. Your life. Because there’s only ever going to be one you, so you may as well make it best version of yourself that you possibly can, without the pressure to be something you’re not.

I’ll leave you to think about it.

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx

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One comment

  1. Amy Whelan · March 28, 2012

    What I find amazing is that these yogis started by not being yogis, and for some reason or other found yoga. I found that to be true for myself when I attended a workshop two weeks ago with Rod Stryker. I never thought I would ever be able to do an arm balance at all, but I surprised myself–and just that experience switched something in my mind forever.

    I’m glad that you were able to take that special something with you as well. We are just a culmination of all our experiences!

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