Sunday Spectacular: Raw Cacao and Coconut Delight

Few things make me happier than this chocolate thick shake inspired breakfast. It’s got all the ingredients to make it a cracking treat, like coconut, raw cacao, banana, almonds, sesame seeds and more. It’s super high in energy, leaves you full for about ten years, and thanks to the nuts and seeds, high in protein and other important Sunday essentials.

There’s no way of making it look pretty, however, so I’ve had to place it in front of one of my favourite pictures to add something more visually pleasant in there…

Remember a little while back I went through a severe ice cream making obsession. Well, the good news is that if you followed suit and have some of your own banana, coconut, and cinnamon ice creams left, you too can whip this up in about 30 seconds flat.

All you need to do is slightly defrost one ice cream, and then throw it in your blender with a little milk (I use almond, rice, or oat milk), a generous sprinkle of raw cacao (available in most health food stores) and, if you really want to keep yourself full, a few soaked almonds as well.

Whiz up! Drink! Smile! (and then let me know what you think.)

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


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