Raw Meal Mondays: Berry Butter Smoothie

I just stumbled across this super tasty raw smoothie that combines delicious berries, banana, and peanut butter. It’s so easy, you could make it in 3.5 seconds before rushing out the door to work, it would just take a little bit of cooking ahead for the raw peanut butter and the raw almond milk.

Here’s the visual…

Image courtesy of Raw Food Recipes

And here’s what you need to recreate this incredibly easy masterpiece…

2 cups of frozen mixed berries

2 frozen bananas

2 cups of raw almond milk (this is done by making it yourself at home. See video below)

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

3 heaped teaspoons of peanut butter. Raw, not roasted.

1 cup of frozen cherries

And here’s what you need to do to make it…

Blend all ingredients in your blender.

That is all.

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Emma Seibold · December 5, 2011


  2. Laura · December 5, 2011

    I use tahini instead of peanut butter (for those with peanut allergies). It tastes incredibly similar!

  3. EV · December 5, 2011

    Hey Yaz!

    Another awesome and delish (judging by the pix of it!) entry to put us out of our Monday blues as us 9-5ers press on for another week of corporate battle. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I noticed in many of the videos you posted lies a robin egg blue coloured typewriter in the background. It’s really vintage-esque and I like it very much! Like yourself, I’m a writer myself so owning a typewriter is a reflection of my love for the tangible, of seeing black words on crisp white paper rolling up before my eyes. But I digress. In this case, would you be able to share where did you get the beautiful typewriter from? Please include the its brand name as well.

    Thanks – and hope to hear from ya soon!

    Happy holidays!!


    • Yaz Turker · December 8, 2011

      Hey Ev,

      I did indeed have a typewriter in the background in my pad in New York, but alas, it wasn’t mine, and double alas, I’m not back in Asheville. I’m pretty sure Ebay, or maybe even Etsy, should have a whole stack of cool typewriters. Otherwise, if you’re in Sydney there are some really good auction houses around Erskinville, Newton, Alexandria that may have them. If I come across one I’ll let you know. Good luck! Yxx

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA · December 6, 2011

    That sounds incredibly yummy!

    A favourite of mine is chocolate soy milk w/raspberries smoothie. Seriously amazing!

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