Part 2 of that alkalinity chat we had the other day

As I mentioned the other day, there are all kinds of benefits in having a diet that puts your pH level on team alkaline. A vibrant body bounding in energy, running effectively, and not being bogged down by acid-loving fiends like yeast, bacteria, and viruses are just a few.

So today, Happies, I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favourite recipes, eating ideas, and principles to get you on your green smoothie-sipping way. Hooray!

But before you read ‘green smoothie-sipping’ and run away in horror, let me explain that the concept of keeping your body in an alkaline state doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your favourite foods. While there are some hardcore alkavorians out there, I’m not one of them, rather, I tune into my body, respond to how it’s feeling, and make constant (but smaller) efforts to keep my body from getting too acidic.

My belief is that the moment you’re told to not eat this, cut out that, or never look sideways at those again, your mind automatically goes into resentment mode and thinks about what you can’t have, rather than what you can. Well, I know my mind does anyway. So, instead of waking up one morning and swearing off meat, alcohol, eggs and cheese, I prefer to make slower transitions into lifestyle changes rather than anything too drastic, and maybe that’s what will work best for you, too. Whatever works for you – that’s what this is all about.

1. Morning Wake Up Call!

The best time to alkalize your system is first thing in the morning as it’s A) a good way to set your intention on having a super healthy day, as well as B) the perfect time to kick start your metabolism into work hard mode (or, WHM) – that’s what you want, right? Me too.

So, first thing in the morning have either a warm lemon water (quickly followed by brushing your teeth so it doesn’t remove the enamel) , or my personal favourite, BARLEY GRASS! Barley grass is richer in vitamins and enzymes than any other known super food. Put it this way: As well as barley grass’s ability to alkalize your system, it also has more protein than a sirloin steak, five times the amount of iron as broccoli, seven times more vitamin C than orange juice, and wait for it…11 times more calcium than milk! You can buy massive tubs of organic barley grass powder from most good health food stores, and all you need to do is mix it with a big glass of water, and gulp it down. Or, add it to a morning green juice if you can’t handle the taste.

After your barley grass has settled, I then have a bowl of fresh fruit in the morning to get my daily dose of antioxidants, and enjoy fruit on an empty stomach. Many fruits are more acidic, but I enjoy a bowl of blueberries, with season fruit including watermelon, rockmelon, grapefruit, and pomegranate. Coconut is also quite alkalizing, so enjoy the juice and then eat the flesh, too!

Green smoothies are another really common way to alkalize your system, and while I don’t have a blender with me here in New York, it’s something that I’m definitely looking forward to coming home to. All grasses are very alkalizing, along with spinach, kelp, kale and cucumber – but let’s face it, they don’t sound overly delicious to drink.

As your goal here is to alkalize your system, try not to use any sweet fruits as they won’t give you the desired effect. One of the best ALKALINE green smoothie recipes I’ve come across is from the Alkaline Sisters site (thanks for the tip Linda) and here’s what they recommend for 1 smoothie…

(Note: Alas, hemp seeds aren’t allowed in Australia, so I’ve switched them with chia seeds instead.)

6″ piece of cucumber
3 medium Kale leaves, torn
5 stems fresh mint
3 stems fresh parsley
1″ piece fresh ginger
1 avocado
1 cup coconut water
fresh juice of one lime
1-2 tsp udo’s, or flaxseed oil
1-2 tbsp chia seeds
2-3 drops stevia or a tsp of agave for sweetness

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and push start! That is all.

Oh, and if you like you can throw a few berries in there for fun, too. Totally up to you and your taste buds.

2. Lunch Hour Calm!

As opposed to lunch hour rush, or rush hour, or rushing of any kind, because that’s just not good for you, Happies.

When it comes to lunchtime, think about making yourself a salad with lots of greens. If it’s green, it’s alkalizing, so pack your lunchbox with plenty of the following…

Avocado (probably not if you had it in your smoothie that morning though)
Green Beans
Red Onion
etc, etc, etc…

Then add some quinoa and a can of wild caught salmon, or tofu, or lentils and coat it with some delicious cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, or flax oil.

Once you’re over salads, why not treat yourself to a pumpkin and red lentil soup? Or butternut squash and leek? Or hey, even if you want a sandwich, why not have an open sambo on sprouted bread and a shit load of greens on top. You don’t have to have only alkaline foods all the time, but adding lots of raw vegies and greens will sure help balance that acidity out.

Here’s one of our favourite meals: Lettuce cup sandwiches

3. Nighty Night!

The same principles that you have for lunch, can be incorporated into your nightly meal. The greener, the better, and if you can throw some rawness in there too, you’ll be well on your way. It’s a fun process exploring all the different ways to incorporate more greens and goodness into your life, and once you have a few meals that you love on high rotation, you won’t have to think at all.

And don’t be too overwhelmed by all this, even if you love a hearty bowl of pasta, or home-made pizza, it doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to give all that up. Instead, throw some fresh rocket on top of your pasta, or add heaps of spinach to your pizza instead of having no greens at all. Take it as near, or as far as you like, it’s just about looking after your body and staying happy, healthy, and glowing on the inside and out.

I really hope that helped!

Stay happy,

Yaz xx



  1. memybestandi · October 13, 2011

    Ok so i think I get it greens, greens & more greens right? Will up the green ante even more… can I ask Yaz, what’s your thoughts on Barley Grass as a supplement- I take two every morning but they are combined with chhlorella, wheatgrass & spirulina too. Do you think this is ample?

  2. Yaz Turker · October 13, 2011

    Yep, I think that’s great Memebestandi. It’s just a compressed powder so you’re looking wonderful. Yay you. Yx

  3. Julie the Alkaline Sister · October 14, 2011

    Hey Yaz, thanks so kindly for sharing our alkaline green smoothie! Spreading the word and inspiring health is sooo important in today’s world of crazy food options. A green smoothie cheer to you:)

    • Yaz Turker · October 16, 2011

      Thank you so much Julie. Bring on the green smoothies! Yx

  4. lolsie · October 14, 2011

    This is just what I need, thanks Yaz, luv ya x

  5. B · October 14, 2011

    I started paying attention to alkalising foods after reading The Healthy Skin Diet. I often drink water with a squeeze of lemon or lime, however It’s not ideal to brush your teeth straight after consuming acidic beverages. The acid needs to be neutralised first, and the tooth enamel left to strengthen before brushing.

  6. Amy · October 15, 2011

    Hi yaz, I’m loving all your nutrition posts lately, they are so interesting and a refreshing take on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Just wanted to know, do you follow food combining? Do you think it’s better to go green and alkaline and/or food combine (as I’ve heard food combining can contribute to alkalinity too)?? Xx

    • Yaz Turker · October 16, 2011

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much! I’m having so much fun with all this nutrition stuff I’m sharing with you guys. It’s the business.

      To be honest, I don’t follow a ‘diet’ as much as I do a lifestyle. I think as soon as you start putting too many restrictions on yourself you start to get bored. And eating is such an amazingly fascinating, fun, wholesome experience in life, I couldn’t cope if it became boring.

      As far as I know, the main principle of The Food Combining Diet is not to eat protein and carbs together, and I definitely don’t follow that diet. Most of my meals are heavily loaded with vegies (lots of greens, cruciferous vegetables, and bright fun things like carrot and capsicum) as well as a protein of some form, and more often than not, a grain. So, that’s most definitely going against their principles. Again, it’s what works for you though. So if you find your body works more efficiently on separating the two, go nuts. If, like me, you find that your body responds better to eating the two together, you can do that too.

      Hope that helps,


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