Lesson #18: Juggling is extremely hard to do

Okay, you got me. I’ve cheated and jumped an entire week of lessons but hey, my life was hijacked over the past 7 days and I was learning this one lesson over each and every one of them. Trust me.

You see, Happies, last time I checked I was on holidays, but suddenly I have been overrun with work, and while I am incredibly grateful for all the prosperity coming into my life right now (extremely grateful, in fact) it has taught me that juggling ten different balls is very hard to do. Impossible actually.

For many of us, the art of ball juggling is an everyday occurrence. We juggle the wife ball, the working ball, the fitness ball, the friend ball, the sister ball, the daughter ball, the children ball, the ME ball (side note: that’s the one that usually gets dropped when you’re busy. The ME ball) and every other bloody ball you can think of. I’m exhausted just writing about it. Oh wait, maybe I’m exhausted because it’s 11:20pm here in New York and I remembered my poor neglected child The Happiness Cocktail, who’s ball is often the second to be dropped. After the ME ball.

But here’s what I’ve learned this week, Happies. It’s okay to drop balls. Or allow your priorities to slip down the ladder when other opportunities are coming your way. I mean, when a chef realises his prized filet mignon is burning, do you really think he cares as much about the mash that’s simmering along alright on its own? Probably not? I know  wouldn’t.

I think what it, ahem, boils down to is self acceptance. We can’t be someone to everyone all the time. And while I have made this year a time to focus on me and try to drop the ME ball far less often, there are going to be times when other people, or things, need me more than I need me. And that’s okay too. Accept each situation as it is, and go with the flow. As long as you stay positive and happy and give attention to the things that need you most, it’s not the end of the world if other parts are neglected for a while. Is it? All you really need to do is pick them back up, and start your act all over again.

Tell me Happies…

What are the balls that you drop first?

Are you good with the whole self acceptance thing?

What is the one thing that is always a constant priority for you. No matter what?


One comment

  1. Shitika Anand · September 26, 2011

    I completely get you, Yaz. Last I checked, I was juggling the moving-into-a-new-city-and-settling ball, next thing I knew, I was in the ‘Freelance circus’. And boy, was I lost. Just like you, very VERY grateful of all the opportunities but i’ve reached a point where I find guilt in the ‘me’ time and find myself procrastinating during the writing time. How does that work? How does one discipline oneself to manage it all and still have 100% passion towards each one of them? It’s a very iffy road and requires the kind of discipline that possibly only Sarah Wilson has. Okay, i do have a secret crush on Sarah, but that’s another story.
    Loving all your Refinery29 work, by the way 🙂 x

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