Lesson #10: Things aren’t always as they seem

My wonderful sister forwarded me an email yesterday that made me laugh, and look, and laugh, and look again. And while I’m not usually one for a forward (OK, only if they’re hilariously funny) this fashion-friendly image gallery sure got me thinking.

The email was all about Israeli shoe designer, Kobi Levi, who takes seemingly normal things – like dogs, shopping baskets, rocking chairs, sling shots – and turns them into shoes. It’s incredibly zany, and so jarring you’ll find yourself looking at each pair of shoes a few times over just to wrap your brain around them.

Here’s the gallery of craziness for you…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crazy, right? But brilliant, yes? My lesson? Things aren’t always as they seem. And in this case, they’re most definitely not what you expect, but that’s the beauty of creativity and innovation, so let’s high five Kobi and give him a big pat on the back for his unique approach to life. And shoes.

Tell me Happies…

What do you think of these shoes?

Do you think they’re an amazing form of expressionism or just plain nuts?

Stay Happy,

Yaz x


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