Lesson #9: Never say never

At the risk of turning all Justin Bieber on you, Happies, I will stand by this sentiment for the simple fact that I have just crossed the final frontier into…wait for it…NATURAL DEODORANT!

Gasp! Shock! Wonder! Delight!

I’m not really sure how I feel about this, as I was once that girl who scoffed at such idiocies and thought that natural deodorant was only for people who really didn’t care if they smelt or not. But now that I’m actually digging it, I think it’s a superb way to beat the B.O without having to spray your pits with chemicals, or pollute the planet while you’re at it.

The deo that I’m digging goes by the name of Herbal Clear Naturally and looks a little something like this…

The product is paraben, alcohol and aluminium free, instead opting for the far more natural tea tree oil and vitamin E, as well as all these other funky natural things that stop you from sweating too much and getting stinky.

The beauty of it, of course, is that studies have shown there to be a link between parabens (found in many, if not most, beauty products) and cancer, as well as a link between aluminium products and Alzheimer’s Disease, so by eliminating these ingredients from something as simple, yet commonly used, as deodorant, you’re doing nothing but good for your body.

So, my lesson for today is to never say never to anything. Be it small, big, profound, or rudimentary. Oh, and to give natural deodorant a try if you haven’t already, because so far, I haven’t heard any complaints from the hubby. Just don’t ask the people sitting next to me on the train. Joking! I hope!

Tell me Happies…

What’s your take on natural deo?

Do you use it?

Stay happy,

Yaz x


One comment

  1. wannabebrazilian · September 15, 2011

    I’ve been addicted to Secret Clinical Strength for years, but maybe I’ll give this one a shot! Thanks for the info 🙂

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