Lesson #7 & 8: Sleep when you need to; enjoy art when you don’t

Lesson #7: Don’t write for the sake of writing, or stay awake when you just need to sleep. Listen to your body and be prepared to just say no sometimes. It’s better that way.

Lesson #8: It’s a beautiful thing walking through the New York Highline (a garden created out of an old train track that sits high above the ground and is now a little sanctuary amongst the cement-filled streets of New York) and coming across these adorable mobiles of pure positivity.

Called Pozie Poems, these hanging delights are described as moving poetry made by loving hands and minds in New York City. They made me smile, think, laugh, and appreciate the simple beauty of positivity so much, I just had to share them here with you today.

Here are the visuals…

And here’s the Highline so you can see the scenery…

But back to Pozie Poems. Each mobile is made from wood, and has words printed on each side of the wood that read like poems. They are all about positive affirmations, and have words like:

bold, brave
confident, yourself
kind, calm


live life
loudly proudly
to appreciate with purpose
to create with honor

Seriously! I’m in love with these things – and the lesson I learned from them is that beauty surrounds us everywhere we look, we just have to actively see it.

Tell me Happies…

What do you think of these mobiles?

Do you like them?

Have you visited the Highline?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx


One comment

  1. memybestandi · September 14, 2011

    Yaz – you are getting so much inspiration from all the newness of living in New York- its brilliant- and we are lucky to get the knock -on inspiration from it!The highline looks so serene, and is probably even more so in real life in contrast to the buzz of the city. Sometimes small positive messages when you least suspect it are most effective like if you are grumpy on a train and a baby smiles at you- its hard to be grumpy after seeing such innocence and warmth. Or this sounds silly but I have a Lulelemon tote that I bring to the gym everyday. Its printed with all feel good messages. Somedays I overlook them , in fact most I do but sometimes they catch my eye and I will read them and they make me think – like “breathe deeply” reminds me not to rush and stress to get to work, Ive just had a workout I should be enjoying the afterglow and thanking my body for enabling me to exercise or “do one things that scares you today” reminds me not to procrastinate about that thing in work that has been hanging over me, to do it and I will stop worrying about it at night!

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