101 Lessons Learned

No adventure in life is ever complete without an artillery of lessons learned. Be it small, big, life-changing, or somewhere in between, some of life’s most incredible journeys are brought about in order to teach us things.

But in order to learn, you have to be aware. On the lookout. Observing life around you rather than glancing at tomorrow and forgetting about today. Right now. This instant.

So, in an effort to remain in the present I am going to capture the lessons that I learn everyday on this incredible trip I am on, and share them here on The Happiness Cocktail, with you, Happies.

Most will be small, as daily lessons so often are, but by sharing what I’m learning might just help you learn too. And who doesn’t love to learn? Or maybe you’ll read this and think ‘what a crock’ and continue on your journey leaving me, and The Happiness Cocktail behind. I hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, I’ve already learned how to deal with that, too.

So, for the next 101 days or so, The Happiness Cocktail will be taking a slightly different turn, bringing you short bursts of information about things that are happening in the here and now. I hope you enjoy it. And please, feel free to share your life lessons along the way too. It’s all a part of experience.

Lesson 1: I’m definitely not 21 anymore. And I’m OK with that.

There was once a time (about 5 or so years ago) where going out and sipping cocktails and dancing until my feet were blue was the most awesome experience of my life. I’d wake up the next day a little worse for wear, but things would bounce back to normal in no time at all. A greasy breakfast and some sort of caffeinated drink would have me back on track, ready to do it all again the next day. Hey, I was at uni and ‘work’ didn’t really come into play.

Skip to yesterday, however, and the day-after-a-night-out in New York has taught me this, Happies. I am not 21 anymore. In fact, I think I’ve gone the complete other direction and turned into a 75-year-old woman trapped in a 27-year-old body. Either way, I can’t drink like I’m in my early twenties anymore, but the best part is, I actually don’t want to. My health is far too important to me now, and it’s an exciting feeling realising that.

Perhaps it’s my healthy lifestyle letting me down. I might be physically fit, but piss-fit? Forget about it. Those rare nights of inhaling cocktails and stopping off for pizza on the way home hurt my poor little frame far more than what it’s worth.

I’m getting older. And perhaps a little wiser. And unless I want to waste an entire day in bed, I should most definitely put down that 3rd cocktail and enjoy the rest of the night sipping water. Boring? Hell no. I’m fun, especially when Whitney Houston starts playing and I make a beeline for the dance floor. Yep, I’m officially getting old. And I love it!

Tell me Happies…

What age did you start realising that you weren’t as young as you felt?

Are you in the same boat where you choose health over alcohol?

Have you any lessons you learned today?



  1. Rachael Andrews (@RachAnd) · September 7, 2011

    Same boat! I had to go on a gluten, dairy and nut free diet in Feb this year, I was so sick in the lead up to doing this and maintaining my health is a delicate balance, if I don’t eat and drink right I get quite sick. Alcohol, fun but not til 4am now. I’m glad after turning 26 yesterday I’ve learnt this lol

  2. memybestandi · September 7, 2011

    Great plan- looking forward to the next 100!

    Snap to everything you said there, I used to party up a storm but these days a) I’m not ableto b) I spend so much time , money and effort on being healthy and fit in mind and body that I hate undoing all my good work with a boozy binge, my body hates me for it and I suffer.

    However catch me off guard and ply me with a few glasses of wine or bubbly and I don’t have a stop button. So in theory I’m good but old habits die hard sometimes.

  3. Georgia · September 7, 2011

    Great post Yaz and your words are too true. I find, like you, I love to go out and dance up a storm but no seriously late nights for me any more (well, maybe once every extremely blue moon!). I prefer my sleep too much, and with or without alcohol, i still wake up at the crack of dawn so that fuzzy feeling isn’t worth it.
    All that being said, ocassionally there is the night where that third, fourth or so on glass of wine goes too well with the conversation you’re having and the laughs that go with it. As long as it doesn’t happen every weekend i’m ok with it!

  4. Stephanie Johnston · September 11, 2011


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