Introducing…Hurricane Chicken

When faced with the prospect of the world ending (i.e. power being switched off) due to Hurricane Irene, it’s only natural to prepare yourself to the best of your ability. Right? Damn right.

It’s only natural then that I took to cooking up a, erm, storm (sorry, I couldn’t resist) just in case we were left without power, food supplies, or an open Wholefoods for days.

The result? Hurricane Chicken. A tasty blend of curry flavours like ginger, garlic, coriander and spring onion, perfectly blended with pieces of chicken and laid to rest on a bed of quinoa.

Here’s the visual of our windy little dish perched on the windowsill…

I am the first to admit that she is grotesquely unphotogenic. In fact, I wouldn’t write you off for calling her ugly, she is ugly. But when it comes to taste, this dish makes up for all her unfortunate looks with bags of flavour. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

It’s a known fact that New Yorkers do not eat in. Their fridges are usually the size of shoe boxes and their ovens are far more useful as storage facilities than cooking aids. Which is why there was a line wrapped around the block for the local Trader Joe’s and the real reason panic struck this city – forget high winds, people were terrified of having to actually use their kitchens. Imagine that!

Clearly, I do not subscribe to this club. But then again, I’m not a ‘real’ New Yorker, I’m just visiting for a while and happen to have an apartment with the most fabulous, fully-stocked kitchen with a full-sized fridge, empty oven, and enough storage space to fit a small child. Funnily enough, we don’t have a teapot, or a toaster, but that’s another story altogether.

Which brings me back to Hurricane Chicken. My safety meal. My last supper. My lunch, dinner, lunch and dinner again, since I made enough to feed our entire apartment building just in case, and the power is still on. Thank goodness.

Here’s what you need to ‘blow’ your tastebuds away…

8 x chicken thigh fillets with the skin off
1 x head of broccoli
10 x button mushrooms – chopped
1 x eggplant – chopped
1 x thumb sized piece of fresh ginger – finely chopped
2 x garlic cloves – finely chopped
4 x shallots – finely chopped
1 x bunch of coriander leaves and stalks- finely chopped
1 x cinnamon quill
5 x tablespoons of good quality curry powder
2 x cups of quinoa
3 x tablespoons of spelt flour
1 x teaspoon of cumin
1 x containers of organic chicken stock

And here’s what you need to do…

1. Place the chicken pieces into a deep fry pan and cover with water. Leave on a medium heat until cooked. DO NOT THROUGH AWAY LIQUID GOLD STOCK!

2. While your chicken is cooking, chop all your ingredients and pop your quinoa on. To do this simply pour the quinoa into a saucepan and add 5 cups of stock and water. Use all the stock you have in that extra container, it might not be 5 cups so make up the difference with water. Bring to the boil, turn right down, and let simmer away just like you would rice. Play with your hair, paint your nails, check storm-warning updates (oh wait, that’s just me).

3. Once your chicken is cooked, remove from pan and set aside, and pour liquid stock into a small saucepan to make the curry sauce. Now, keeping the pan you cooked the chicken in (it should have some flavour stuck to the bottom, don’t clean that) add the garlic, shallots, coriander stalks (not leaves yet) and ginger and let brown on medium heat. Add eggplant and mushrooms. Then add broccoli.

4. While all this is browning and softening, start on your curry sauce. For this, add the curry powder, cinnamon, cumin and spelt flour to the small saucepan you used to set the liquid aside. Using a fork or whisk, mix the ingredients into the liquid until it is silky smooth and the thickness you like. You might need to add more flour if need be. Place over low heat as you whisk to help thicken. Set aside.

5. Once all your vegies are nicely brown, add the chicken and the curry sauce and gently stir. Add the coriander leaves and stir a little more.

6. To serve simply dish the quinoa onto the plate, then pour over your hurricane chicken. What can I say? It’s a ‘breeze’.

Tell me Happies…

How would you prepare for a hurricane? Or in Aussie speak, Cyclone?
What do you think of this dish?
Looks good? Oh wait, silly question. What about, sound good?

Stay Happy,

Yaz xx



  1. Georgia · August 29, 2011

    Oh my god Yaz, you don’t have a teapot. How do you live? Or have you bought your own little tea infuser???
    This recipe sounds delish but yes you’re right, it looks gross. But would be willing to overcome it’s appearance (as one should) to give it a go. Yummo!

  2. hotshot bald cop · September 1, 2011

    Effectively put from an awesome blogger

  3. Kate Gooden · September 1, 2011

    Sounds awesome Yaz will Defo put it on the list for next week! Sounds like you’re having a fab adventure. And isn’t a hurricane a great excuse to hunker down with (brand new) hubby! K.x

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