Six Foodie Combinations That Were Born To Be Best Friends

There are some foods in life that were simply created to go hand-in-hand with another. You know, the soul mates of the non-human variety that merely interacting with makes you glow with warmth and happiness and goodness just by being in their presence. I’m sure they vary from person to person, but for me, it’s all about these three insanely loved-up combinations.

1. Alfalfa Sprouts and Peanut Butter

Call me crazy but only after you’ve tried this insanely delicious combination. It’s like the yin and yang of perfect kindergarten school treats and once you try it, you’ll never look back. Trust me.

I can thank my mum for this one, as she’s the fine lady who skillfully managed to get her nappy-wearing daughters to eat healthy greens by adding a little peanut butter to the mix. Served on grainy rolls, or bread of some sort, this combination is still a firm favourite of mine twenty plus years later.

If you’re after a healthy peanut butter, make sure you check out the back of the packaging and look for the brand with as high a percentage of peanuts and as low a percentage of sugar as possible. In the health food aisle you can find some (I know the Macro Organic ones at Woolies in particular) that have 100% crushed peanuts and that’s it. Yum!

2. Egg, Vegemite, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There’s something about salt and eggs that goes so well together you’d be forgiven for thinking they were, in fact, the soul mates I speak of here. However, when you combine a perfectly cooked egg, with the salty delicious flavour of Vegemite, and skip the butter for a drizzle of really good quality Extra Virgin, you suddenly come to realise that there’s not much in life better than this.

Start on a base of really good quality bread. Of any sort. Toast it if you wish. Then spread your desired amount of Vegemite, followed by a drizzle of raw olive oil, and top it all off with a poached or pan fried (minus the cooking oil if you want to keep it as heart friendly as possible) egg done sunny side up. Oh man, I’m hungry…

3. Dark Chocolate and Raspberries

Traditionally, old mate strawberry has had the leading role in dark choccie’s life, but personally, I think he’s been playing with the wrong woman. The other day I had the pleasure of trying a flourless dark chocolate and raspberry torte and I can honestly tell you it took my dessert palette to new heights. Insane! Amazing! Overwhelmingly good!

Let’s face it, dark chocolate is good with anything but when it comes into contact with a raspberry, the sparks fly. Enjoy this one Happies, it’s going to be a tough one to beat.

Tell me…

What are your favourite food combinations?

Any of these take your fancy?

What weird combinations do you want to share with the Happysphere?



  1. petapetal · August 26, 2011

    Not sure about the second one, but the last one looks AMAZING. Must try it soon.

  2. eskimojo · August 26, 2011

    Funny, you’ve got two of my firm favourites. I love doing dark chocolate covered raspberries, and vegemite and poached eggs is a weekend staple. I go for avocado on top of the vegemite, but might give the olio a go tomorrow!

  3. Lucy Gardner · August 26, 2011

    I loooove the sound of all of these! Def putting on the list to try! Mine isn’t all that weird anymore – but vegemite and avocado on toast is brilliant! Also dukkah on top of poached eggs is incredibly delish 🙂

    Side note: my dad used to feed me vegemite and peanut butter sandwiches as kids. Sounds weird, but actually does work!

  4. casey · August 26, 2011

    speaking of vegemite, it is great on a sandwhich with grated cheese and lettuce.

    Also love roasted sweet potato with good quality cottage cheese!

  5. Kate · August 27, 2011

    Yaz you have to add beetroot to the peanut butter and alfalfa it’s the best! My mum has always made it for us – something about the juicy beetroot combined with the peanut butter.. Delish!

  6. memybestandi · August 29, 2011

    I get the whole alfala /peanut butter thing as my friend introduced me to celery /peanut butter years ago, I thought she was crazy for eating it in school but she made me taste it and I loved it.

    Am sort of off eggs at the minute – they don’t fully agree with me but am a lover of vegemite and cheese on rye toast after a few drinks out!

    I do one square of melted dark choc in the evening with strawberries or orange segments as “my treat” sometimes but haven’t done raspberries, am so going to get them next time. YUM!

  7. Maddy · September 6, 2011

    Yummo! I looove pear and almonds combo AND crunchy peanut butter and nutella combo. Naughty but oh so delicious ;o)

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