Moozlie That Moves You

Did you know that people who skip breakfast are 450% more likely to be overweight than those who don’t? True story. 450%. That’s a lot of percents.

So, in the interest of community health, I’d like to introduce you to the breakfast of champions. A breakfast so dense in goodness, rawness, health benefits, and most of all, tastiness, you’ll never skip breakfast again. EVER.

Here’s the visual…

By nature, muesli is quite high in calories. This is simply for that fact that it’s packed with seeds and nuts and these things generally keep the fat content high. But fats are good. Well, good fats are good, plus a little goes a long way and keeps you full for hours longer than Vegemite and butter on white bread will. Good one!

This bad boy here consists of:

Raw oats – SUPERFOOD!
Chia seeds – SUPERFOOD!
Sunflower seeds – Packed with Vit E and B1 and other vitamins and minerals.
Rye flakes – Great source of dietary fibre.
Sesame seeds – Perfect for increasing your manganese and copper intake, plus they’re a great source of calcium.
Sultanas or dried dates or dried figs – Dates and figs are better as they’re the only alkaline forming dried fruit (more on that later) but either way, they add a little natural sweetness.
Almond milk – Delicious flavour that doesn’t inhibit the absorption of minerals and vitamins from all that raw food.
Blueberries and raspberries – They’re in season here and not only taste delicious, but add even more antioxidant power to the breakfast. Hooray!

Each ingredient has its one little gold star in my books, ensuring that you’re not only eating breakfast, but an incredibly nutritious breakfast packed with all the essential ingredients you need to get you through the day. This isn’t iron man food, Happies, this is Superman food, and don’t you forget it.

Tell me…

Are you a breakfast skipper?

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Do you enjoy muesli?



  1. Manuella Silveira · August 23, 2011

    That sounds delicious! I do love muesli, and mix them together with banana, strawberries and every berry! I’m definitely not a breakfast skipper, I love breakfasts! Even on Sundays, when we wake up by lunch time, we do have a big breakfast and leave lunch for dinner. 😀

  2. Hannah · August 23, 2011

    Mmmm that looks yummy!! I was about to make a smoothie with rice milk, chia seeds and a banana, delish! I always have to have breakfast, usually I have porridge with rice milk, chia seeds, raspberries, agave and walnuts. My fav combination 🙂
    Hannah xo

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