Now that’s what I call a sandwich

I used to have this strange anti-attitude towards canned salmon. It was odd, simply for the fact that I had no qualms about eating canned tuna, but turned my nose up at the thought of canned salmon because it was, erm, in a can. Weirdo!

Granted, the spine of bones down the centre of the fish also wigged me out, but now that I’ve learned that a) these bones are incredibly easy to crush, and b) said bones are packed with calcium, I’ve learned to love my fleshy friend.

Especially when created into one of the finest looking sandwiches I’ve ever seen…

It’s no secret that my husband (ah, I love writing that. It’s so shiny and new and beautiful) and I have a love affair with open sandwiches. They cleverly give you twice as much good stuff (lots of fresh vegies, protein, tastiness) without being weighed down by a fat loaf of bread.

Case in point, this delightfully nutritious and incredibly tasty salmon sandwich laden with a heap of organic vegies, herbs fresh from the garden, and a drizzle of hemp oil just to really enhance the goodness.

Want to recreate this bad boy at home? Here’s what you’re going to need to feed 2 starving people…

4 x small slices of the grainiest bread you can find. If it’s gluten-free, that’s wonderful, but also look for rye, brown, grainy-town varieties too.

1 x large can of pink or red salmon. We alternate between the two, but red is more expensive if that plays a role in your decision making.

2 x shallots finely sliced

1/2 x banana chilli (optional) finely sliced

1/4 bunch of chives finely sliced

1/2 bunch basil ripped up

2 x tomatoes

1 x beetroot

1/2 packet of broccoli sprouts or similar

1/2 packet of baby spinach, rocket, or something similar

2 tablespoons of hemp oil or extra virgin olive oil

Now, we also had some left over pesto in the fridge so whacked that on too, but the secret to making sandwiches easy and nutritious is to use what you have in the fridge. Our fridge is constantly stocked with a large variety of fresh vege, so if you don’t have exactly what’s on the list, improvise. I think we even had some left over sweet potato that we chucked on there too, it’s just hidden under the mountain of other stuff.

To make the sambo, simply chop all your ingredients up. Then, place the canned salmon in a bowl and mash to your hearts content, ensuring all the little bones are crushed in the process. Now, add the chives, banana chilli and shallots to the mixture and stir again.

Once that’s done, simply start piling everything on top of each other, before drizzling with your raw extra virgin or hemp oil (this prevents the vegies going straight through you as it slows down the absorption process and helps your body get all the goodness out of each ingredient).

Now, all that’s left to do is smile, enjoy, stay happy. A word of warning though, you’ll probably need a knife and fork to get it all in.

Stay happy,

Yaz x



  1. Hannah · August 6, 2011

    This looks delicious Yaz!! I made something similar for lunch today, except made some tofu patties instead of the salmon. And loads of salad 🙂 yum yum x

  2. memybestandi · August 8, 2011

    It is really weird getting your head around the “husband” word, I still hear myself say it nearly a year in and surprise myself!! Now- I so agree about not wasting a bread credit on a secponds slice in your sandwich but I find open sandwiches a nightmare to eat- the filling inevitably ends up down my front!! I have to knife n fork them!!

  3. Anonymous · August 8, 2011

    where do you find ‘husbands’ who love healthy food?

    • Yaz Turker · August 14, 2011

      Haha! With a little luck and kissing a few frogs before finding your prince 🙂

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