How many legs do you have?

Seriously. How many? If you answered two then, oh-oh, you’re going to need to get some more, because that’s one seriously wonky table you’re relying on.

I presume right now you’re looking a little puzzled. Confused. Thinking I’ve finally lost the plot living up here in the hippy-loving hills of Asheville. But, I assure you, Happies, that once you’ve discovered the art of leg collecting, your life will improve tenfold.

My beautiful best friend alerted me the art of leg collecting some time ago. She’d read an article on how this girl and boy were in a relationship and fighting constantly. The boy thought the girl was needy, and the girl thought the boy spent too much time pursuing other interests outside of their relationship. A common complaint among many women, especially women without legs. Which is exactly what the conclusion of the story came to – women, more commonly than guys, tend to let their lives slip away when opened up to a new relationship. Suddenly, your girlfriends, weekly yoga class, after work drinks, and Zumba class all seem to dissolve into wunderlust, while guys happily continue doing what they love and making time for a relationship, too. Magic!

The analogy of legs is a wonderful one, and one that perfectly demonstrates the art of having a balanced life. Think of yourself as a table, and every aspect of your life that brings you happiness is a leg. Your work is a leg, your friends are a leg, your family is a leg, your boyfriend/husband/partner is a leg, your favourite exercise is a leg, and every other hobby you have in your life is…you guessed it, a LEG!

Clearly, the more legs you have the more stable the table is. If one leg snaps (e.g you lose your job, have a fight with your boyfriend etc) you have all those other legs to hold you up and not come crumbling down. If, however, you cut your legs loose and only have, say, one leg for your boyfriend and one leg for your work, then you’re far more susceptible to falling over. Not to mention needing far too much from far too few legs to satisfy your every need.

It’s important for everyone, whether single or in a relationship, to lead a balanced fulfilled life, and in my opinion, the more you can do to nourish your body, mind, and spirit in equal quantities, the more well rounded you, as a person, are. You can get a little bit of love from this, a few laughs from that, lots of brain power from this, and relaxation from that. In turn, you have FAR MORE to give to other people around you, thus, completing the circle. It’s not all about taking, of course.

So Happies, it all comes down to this, really. The more legs you have, the more sturdy you become and as a result, each leg strengthens and holds you up to new, amazing heights you could never have reached on your own. Your relationships strengthen, your self-esteem increases, and your general level of overall awesomeness elevates. So with that, I urge you to give it a try. Just be sure not to break a leg.

Tell me Happies…

Are you an avid leg collector?

Do you agree that the more legs you have the better?

Do you like the analogy as much as my bestie and I do?

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  1. Anonymous · August 4, 2011

    I love this analogy and it is just too true. I think so many people are walking around out there with few too many legs! I also think the work leg for many has a lot of muscles!

    If you do have few too many legs, how do you go about getting more?

  2. mindybeaver · August 4, 2011

    It’s true about having lots of legs so if one falls off you don’t completely end up on the floor! There are probably some legs we neglect a little too.

    We need to care for all our legs!

  3. kimchiowner · August 7, 2011

    I love this analogy but I don’t think I entirely agree . Yes, a lot of women tend to let their legs fall to the way side when they start a new relationship but there are a lot of women that tend to swing the other way.

    I, for one, am an AVID leg collector. I – work, study, have a husband, play and teach the cello, run and compete in short course races (5 and 10km), take bikram yoga classes, play tennis, am secretary of ‘The Bear Truth’ (a group dedicated to criminalising bear bile farming), lover of books, and a fan of raw food recipes. These are all my regular, rather ‘muscly’ legs. I’ll take on any hobby that interest me at the time just because … well, it’s another leg. I’m addicted. I love to do stuff.

    I think people like me tend to pile on way more than we can handle and just go for gold. Balance is definitely the key. Collect as many lovely legs as you can but always in moderation! 😀

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