Holy shit, is that Michael Douglas?

‘Holy shit, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are sitting next to us,’ I whispered with excited tones to my friends and we sat down at Kocadon Restaurant in Bodrum, Turkey.

There they were, two real life celebrities sitting at a table no more than three metres away, shooting the breeze and casually enjoying dinner and wine with their friends, just like we were. They are, after all, just people aren’t they, Happies?

Apparently not. The way the restaurant (my table included) murmured words like facebook, twitter, and pass the camera, made me realise that the power of celebrity extends to even the most unsuspecting non-celebrity-loving type. Sure, I love celebrity spotting, but my usually complacent boyfriend was moved to posing for funny photos in front of MD while his friends paraded their best party tricks to try and impress CZJ. It was, in a word, stupendous.

Here’s the money shot…

Celia Waldon (wife of Piers Morgan) recently wrote an article in UK ELLE about the reasons we ‘fawn over the famous’. She spills stories of women pressing their numbers into Piers’ hand right in front of her, and how the entire room stops when Jessica Alba enters it.

The fact of the matter is, as Walden explains, seeing a celebrity in person crosses the boundaries of fact and fiction. For many of us (me included), celebrities are creatures of fairy tales, they don’t exist in real life, only movies, so when you see them at the same restaurant as you, your brain has trouble believing they’re actually there. In real life.

But that’s the beauty of it, really. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s pretty damn exciting being taken out of your ‘real’ world and transported to a place where the rich and famous live. Eat. Play. Sure, they’re people who are entitled to their privacy and all that, but excitement is the most gut-bubble inducing emotion and I like to feel it as much as possible. Especially on holidays.

So, if that means acting like a fool to get that perfect shot of Michael Douglas, or admiring CZJ’s perfect nude lip gloss, then hey, bring it on. We’re not hurting anyone, are we?


Tell me Happies…

Have you ever spotted a celebrity?

Was it exciting?

Who would you most like to meet?





  1. Mary · June 28, 2011

    So true what Celia walden says about them being “real”. I was with my 3 year old in a cafe and 2 of The Wiggles (purple and blue) were there having coffee. I was so excited for him to see them and said let’s go get a photo and he started crying and gripping the door and we had to leave. He couldn’t handle that they were real people!

  2. Georgia · June 29, 2011

    I’ve had four experiences seeing celebs and looking back at them only one of them seems real. I was in Whole Foods (In Union Square, NY) and talking to a staff member when Drew Barrymore (who i idolise!) came up and interrupted our conversation asking where something was, i was so awe struck i stood there repeatedly saying ‘oh, hi, wow, hi’ until she said hi back a few times and moved on. Ahh, i’ll never forget it!
    Like you Yaz, i was at lunch one day in a relatively fancy restaurant on the northern beaches of Sydney when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman came in and were sitting directly behind me. Tom Cruise wouldn’t sign an autograph for me (i was a tween at the time) his comment being ‘not in front of my children, but i will shake your hand’ – WTF? His handshake was like a wet fish. So disappointing.
    And i saw Terence Stamp (from Priscilla fame) on the streets of Soho, and was so excited i called out to him as if i knew him – i was really embarrassed! And Gabriel Byrne waved to me in NY as i sat eating a bagel as again i’d called out (without realising it!) his name.
    I need to learn to keep my mouth shut i think!!!!

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