Switch off your laptop and switch on your ‘real’ life

It shouldn’t have been that much a surprise to find out there wasn’t any internet connection in the small coastal beach village of Altinoluk on Turkey’s west coast. In fact, there wasn’t much of anything there, save for the odd market stall, a beach, and a cluster of restaurants all overly eager to serve the aliens in town. And by aliens, I mean foreigners, because in Altinoluk, they don’t get too many non-Turkish people popping in for a sightsee.

But hey, two nights without internet I could absolutely do. Sure, I have a need to update my status, check my emails, tweet, and generally see what’s happening on the interweb just as much as the next person, but two days was never going to be a problem for me. Until that two days became seven.

You see, Happies, that pleasant two days in Altinoluk then became one night in Ölüdeniz and four nights on a gulet cruising from Fethiye to Marmaris, all of which failed to have internet connection. Hence, the tumbleweeds and crickets you’ve been hearing on The Happiness Cocktail for quite some time.

For many of us internet obsessed online bloggers/writers/readers, the idea of being cut off from the webisphere is a terrifying one. It’s literally the umbilical cord that feeds us all our must-have information – everything from bank balances to emails, communicating with family and friends are all fed through this one giant beast that’s almost impossible to forget.

Until the universe intercepts and you’re literally forced to switch off. And forget. Forget about your emails, your blog, your updates, your tweets. Forget about what it’s like to live in a world where social interaction and communication revolve around typing to your best friend rather than talking to her on the phone. Sure, it’s easier to get in touch with people now, but is the quality of communication taking a step backwards? Who knows…

But here’s what I do know, Happies. Being offline is a GLORIOUS invention. It has allowed me to truly remain in the moment, enjoy what’s happening this second right where I am. Not with my emails, or my laptop, or my ipad. But here, wherever that may be. Which, for the record, is here with my sister, brother-in-law, and BF…

So, if you too are finding that your laptop is ruling your life, why wait for the universe to force you into turning it off like I did? Take some time to exit from the webisphere, enjoy what’s happening in your ‘real’ life and simply, switch off. You’ll be amazed at what you find. I sure was.

Tell me Happies…

How often do you switch off?

How long do you switch off for?

Do you find it hard?

How do you feel when you’re away from your laptop?



  1. Me my best and I · June 23, 2011

    You are dead right- basking in the white noise of no internet connection gives total realxation as we are alwaway turned on, text messgae, check a tweet etc etc. I experienced thjis on Honeymoon in Bali and it really does let your mind actually rest.

    I have gorgeous memories of Turkey on a gulet, eating fresh fish ands sea urchins we caught, fancying the botahand “Rudi” like mental, eating cherries and Turkish delight on the beach , that were stacked up in the most beautiful pyramid in the markets……….. fab , enjoy 🙂

  2. Kay · June 27, 2011

    Switching off is my favourite thing to do.
    Just spent the past weekend offline, and moving house, but at the end of the weekend thought how nice it was to be away from technology.
    ps your holiday snap is happy! perfect!
    ps love travelling with my sisters and brothers in law too, a lifetime of memories!

  3. Kimberley · June 30, 2011

    I am terrible at switching off. Even on holiday I have to log in to my emails to check that everything is “okay”. I feel like some major catastrophe will occur if I don’t respond to messages within 24 hours but the reality is that it won’t.
    Experiencing “real life” is so important, and cherishing what is happening right now in this very moment is something we seem to do less and less of. Good on you for switching off Yaz, although I did miss your posts in my reader! x

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