Signs of Happiness: A week on the road

Over the past week I have covered some serious ground, Happies. Travelling from KL, Malaysia to where I am right now, nestled in a locally run apartment on the Croatian island of Hvar.

It’s nearly beer o’clock my time, a ritual my man and I have discovered over the past week and appear to be loving almost as much as siesta o’clock, which as an Australian is completely foreign, but extraordinarily good, to me.

But before we set off for another afternoon of down time, I thought I should share some of the small, happiness-inducing moments we’ve had on our trip so far…

1. Lot 10 Food Court, KL, Malaysia

Lot 10 is a hub for food-lovers, filled with expert street vendors who have perfected their art and congregated into this one eatery. You can get everything from dumplings, to duck to pork here, but it was one meal in particular that truly stole my tastebuds… POPIAH!

Pronounced Bo-Bee-A, this crepe-like delight is a commonly found street snack in Malaysia, and other parts of Asia. Filled with chilli sauce, french beans, lettuce and other tasty morsels, this one little snack changed my life forever. Truly sensational, Happies.

2. Mammas at the market, Split, Croatia

As a foodie, there’s something about discovering a local food market that sends me into a spin. Especially here in Europe where the fresh produce is plentiful and the old ladies sell their wares with such lustre, no matter what their age.

3. Learning to slow down, and embrace the island life

I’m not going to lie, it has taken some serious re-adjustment to not want to check my emails every 30 seconds, but now that I have let go, there’s nothing more freeing in the world. Walking around the island of Brac, here in Croatia, I have learned that slow, calm, family-orientated island life allows for a far more fulfilled existence. And a longer life-span, too.

4. The view from the top

After a steep walk up to the fortress in Hvar, this was the view we were confronted by. Such beauty is hard to find, but when you do discover it, your happiness scale goes into overdrive. A must-see for everyone, I think.

Tell me Happies…

What have you seen/tried/tasted over the past week that has made you smile?

Have you been to Hvar, Brac, or KL?

Do you want to go?



  1. Holly Curtis · May 25, 2011

    It looks amazing Yaz!!

  2. Suzy Wrong · May 26, 2011

    OMG Yaz, Popiahs are Sensaysh!!! xx

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