Possessions are overrated, says the girl with nothing left

Nestled amongst the craziness here at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (yes, I am here blogging like a mad woman for PRIMPED on all things beauty related) it has occurred to me that possessions are, in fact, a complete waste of space.

You see, Happies, I am about to set off on an adventure of epic proportions, leaving the safety of my delightful home here in Sydney for the rocky shores of Europe, and then on to New York. We’re not talking a few weeks away here; we’re talking a nine month journey around the world to see what lies outside the safety of the microcosm I call life.

As a part of this journey, the need to cull one’s life into a single suitcase is a necessity. There’s no way my man (or my muscles) will let me lug my entire wardrobe on my back, let alone my ‘beauty closet’.

So, as a result, the ability to cull possessions and learn the art of detachment is a skill I have had to learn fast. Very fast. My clothes, my beauty products, my car…all GONE! Well, the car is still on the market (low km’s, drives like a dream, cheap to run, let me know if you want to buy it).

To date, I’ve managed to squeeze all my remaining possessions into three boxes. And as for my suitcase, it’s a success. Only 1/3rd full thank you very much, with space to shop up a storm on my travels if need be (for the essentials only, of course).

And this is where my point enters stage left… the fact that I am sitting here at Fashion Week, parading around in pretty much the same clothes disguised as different versions of themselves, as well as living perfectly well without the safety of my ‘belongings’ begs the question: Why the hell did I have so much crap in the first place?

The reason for accumulating ‘crap’ varies from person to person. I can’t talk for everyone, but personally I think I enjoyed the feeling of buying new things. They made me happy, or at least that’s what I thought they did. But as I’ve come to learn over the past few months, Happies, there is nothing more fulfilling that having only the bare essentials. The freedom. The relief. The knowledge that there’s nothing tying you down. It’s liberating beyond belief! And kind of addictive if the truth be told. I’m now having a battle with myself to see how little I can pack. Gosh, you’ll probably hear a news bulletin claiming an Australian has been arrested for wearing only a g-string through the streets of Athens. Now that would be liberating.

So the lesson that I have learned is this, Happies. The more you have, the more you’re tied down. The less you have, the more free you are to move around. All that money and wastage and excess we consume ourselves with is a complete waste of space, I’d rather take all that money and go on a holiday. Oh wait… I AM!

Tell me Happies…

Are you a collector, or a culler?

Do you need to cleanse your life of unnecessary possessions?

Any grand plans to go overseas?

Stay Happy,




  1. ponikuta · May 4, 2011

    If you’re in the market to sell some frocks, let me know!

  2. Kimberley · May 4, 2011

    I agree Yaz, I’m currently trying to cleanse my apartment of all unnecessary ‘crap’. I am sure that it creates stress in our lives when we accumulate so much that we don’t need or use.
    I went to Europe for 5 weeks with only carry on luggage – all my girlfriends thought I was crazy but it made the trip so much easier and I felt lighter, more free. Your adventure sounds thrilling – I hope you’ll still keep us up to date on here! x

  3. ponikuta · May 4, 2011

    I did realise how much crap we collect over the years when we had to move last year. I’ve cut down on spending so much on random things ever since, definitely a huge learning curve to be had for everyone.

  4. Emma · May 4, 2011

    I am very, very, very impressed. I absolutely applaud you and your ability to cull (oh how I heart culling), but even more-so, your willingness to let go of all the ‘stuff’ that we surround ourselves with. Your post came at the perfect time – I was just despairing over my maternity leave budget (tough times ahead…), but after reading this, I’m thinking we won’t need all that much after all…

    I’m curious… iPad and iPod? Which electronic gadgets made the cut?

    • Yaz Turker · May 5, 2011

      And Em, it’s going to have to be the ipad that comes, and the ipod that stays. Tough decisions to be made :-). Yx

  5. akisa · May 4, 2011

    My motto for de-cluttering is if it can’t fit in the box/drawer/whatever it’s got to go!! I’m all for keeping minimal posessions, only one of everything if possible.

  6. akisa · May 4, 2011

    Wish you all the best for your 9 month adventure! Will you be blogging about your travels?

  7. Kellie · May 4, 2011

    YES! Yaz I love love love this post!

    Cutting the crap is something I have been doing these last few months. How did I get so much of it?! And if I need it so much how come I have not touched it for MONTHS!

    I felt like I was suffocating big time so I read up for inspiration and got de-cluttering. I’m now all about only having things that I know do the job and are worthy of space in my life. It has made me much more mindful when shopping too! Love it 🙂

    Anything by Peter Walsh (de-cluttering expert! He was on Oprah! And he’s Australian!) is AWESOME. He addresses all the excuses we make to hold on to our crap, helps you change your relationsip with stuff and value experiences in life and not things.

    Have so much fun on your adventure x

  8. Gina · May 5, 2011

    Wow, this is what I’m in the middle of trying to do, too (albeit not in such an extreme way or for such an envy-inducing reason). In my experience, the more stuff I accumulate or clutter I have in my apartment, the more clutter there is in my life and bigger a hole there is to fill. Paring back, I believe, does wonders for the soul.

    And can I just say, nine months on vacation sounds heavenly and pretty much unheard of here in the U.S. My brain literally Can. Not. Compute. how someone would actually go about doing this. Will you work from abroad or will you be cutting off completely?

    P.S. You don’t know me from Adam, but I’m in L.A. and if you feel like an apartment swap, I’m your gal!

    • Yaz Turker · May 5, 2011

      Thank you so much guys, it’s very exciting indeed. Gina, I was actually looking into house swapping but it was all a little hard, we’re all sorted now though but if I come to LA, I might have to drop you a line :-). As for going overseas for so long, I will be working which is insanely lucky, however, I was prepared for any outcome in order to follow my dreams. I just knew I had to go, and nothing was going to stop me really. Life is too short to not be fearless and follow your heart. That’s what I think anyway. Yxx

      • Gina · May 6, 2011

        So inspiring. And so true.

        Outer order has an uncanny way of contributing to inner calm. Also: travel rules.

        Have an amazing time!

  9. Bec · May 6, 2011

    Holy smokes, that’s a massive and courageous decision. Congratulations!
    I have an unnatural dependence on my clutter, my boyfriend is worried I have hoarding tendencies.
    You are now my official inspiration to start culling.
    Will you be travelling solo, with friends or with the beau???
    How will you continue to blog for Primped without all those gorgeous products being sent your way…. it is after all a beauty blog?

  10. Raquel · May 8, 2011

    Well done Miss Turker – I’m in the midst of a ‘midlife minimalisation’ and loving the freedom too! You would love the blog by ‘MissMinimalist’ I enjoy her posts as much as yours!
    Enjoy your journey around the globe.

  11. Kay · May 9, 2011

    A big culling highfive Yaz!
    I have been slowly doing one small part of my cluttered apartment at a time, and it is becoming easier thankfully.
    Enjoy this big adventure you are setting sail on and please keep the blogging up and don’t cull it from your life!!

  12. sarah · May 11, 2011

    your trip will be amazing – i know, because i am currently in the middle of a scarily similar trip of my own… 9 months travelling through europe and america with only a backpack and my boyfriend!! best decision ever. currently in the ‘work stopover’ phase, temping in london for a few months before summer travels! you’re so lucky you can work from wherever in the world you are, i really hope you keep up your blogging because i (and i’m sure many others) would love to read about what a FABULOUS time you will be having!!!

    ps. would love a post of what beauty things you ended up packing for 9 MONTHS away… perhaps on primped? i always love those posts 🙂

    • Yaz Turker · May 11, 2011

      Sarah, that’s crazy. I’m so excited for you. Yes, I will definitely be blogging about my adventures, both here and on PRIMPED. Stay tuned for that packing video, too. I’ll pop it up on PRIMPED next week. Enjoy your travels. Yx

  13. madison · May 11, 2011

    wow! what an awesome adventure you are about to undertake! i cant’ wait to hear your stories as you travel. good luck!

  14. Nita · May 12, 2011

    What a courageous desicion. I am a firm believer of following your heart and in this day and age, you really don’t know what path life may take you down. Go forth Yas!

    Oh and like many others, I am happy to ‘look after’ your prized possessions. Not sure I will be here in 9 months time though 😛

  15. Penny · May 13, 2011

    How inspiring and timely! I’m leaving in two weeks to travel around Europe and eventually settle in London to work for two years. I’m so scared to be leaving friends, family and a great job, but also excited about what’s ahead – it’s so freeing to make a big decision and throw caution to the wind!
    I really need to start packing up my life, however – I’m only taking one small suitcase so I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your packing video, Yaz! Thank goodness I’m arriving in summer, that’s all I can say.
    All the best with your travels.

  16. evc · May 13, 2011

    I did a very similar thing a couple of years back and I can assure you this will be one of the best decisions of your life! 3 years ago I decided it was time to travel so I packed up my house and car and sold the lot. I left for Asia with only a backpack, a camera and my dreams. Currently, I’m planning my official move back to Aus in about a year … or so.

    I’ve never been so aware of myself, my surrounding or what truly makes me happy in life. I wish you the best of luck. I’m sure you will have an absolute ball!!

  17. Stephanie Johnston · May 14, 2011

    Having just done what you are about to do my best advice is take minimal, minimal skincare. I brought all my lovely Aussie products with me to London and they are just useless in a cool English climate. Buy when you get over here and save the luggage space!

  18. Jennifer Reid · May 14, 2011

    I feel liberated when I clean out my wardrobe, only to go and fit more clothes in there again; so to clean out your whole life is brave & truly inspirational. You go girl!! 🙂

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