Happy Moments: An Interview with Kathryn Budig

If you’ve ever read the delightful book by Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, you will know that sometimes it’s the people you meet in a fleeting moment that have the ability to change you the most.

For me, I think one of those people may very well be Kathryn Budig, a delightful yoga teacher who fluttered into my life via a backbending class, and who now, after reading her answers to my interview questions, has made a profound impact on me, and no doubt you too, Happies.

Whether you’re into yoga or not isn’t really an issue here, as Kathryn touches on the importance of loving, being grateful for what you have, and understanding the power of yourself, all of which resonate with each and everyone of us. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

Here’s a visual…

And here’s the interview…

Kathryn, how did you get into yoga?

I have a theatre background so one of my dance girlfriends introduced me. It was my 2nd year in college and I was immediately hooked. It was the highlight of my week so I started adding on more classes until I decided to learn how to teach to pay the bills in-between acting gigs. Turned out I loved yoga way more than the craft and switched careers.

What inspires you to continue on this journey and teach others?

My heart and my students. Teaching and practicing yoga has completely cracked my heart open. It’s taught me that everything takes time but is on time. That having an open heart encourages other’s to slide open and that being authentic and honest cannot only alter someone’s perspective, but completely revolutionize their life.

What is the biggest thing yoga has taught you?

What you want isn’t always what you need. Love is stronger than fear and that the only person holding you back is yourself.

How do you deal with hard times that arise in your life?

Extra long walks with my dog (she’s my therapist), phone calls with close friends, and a good dose of yoga. I often write my best articles during hard times which only reminds me that beauty resides everywhere—even in the muck.

What makes you happy?

My dog’s curly tail, my mother’s quirky sense of humor and my dad’s dry one. My best friend’s cookies and eternal optimism. Cooking in the kitchen and eating out with amazing food and wine. My student’s bright eyes, laughter and willingness to open up.

In terms of nutrition, how do you eat? What food ideals do you follow?

My number one rule is organic and non-processed. My body isn’t super chummy with dairy and I go easy on gluten, although I love a piping hot loaf of fresh bread. I’m a strong believer in balance—I’m very conscious about what I eat, but if I’m out at a beautiful restaurant I’m going to enjoy every bite without holding back. Life is too short to beat yourself up on the small things—especially if they bring you joy!

What do you think is the key to your personal success?

Honestly, my father. My father is the most accomplished man I’ve ever met. There really wasn’t anything he couldn’t or didn’t do. I grew up watching him thinking if you wanted to do something, anything—you could! There was no way of failing if I truly wanted it. He gave me eternal inspiration and trust that everything will fall into place as it should, and if a job doesn’t come to me—it simply wasn’t mine to start with.

What life ‘rules’ do you swear by and try to teach others?

Always choose love and keep my aim true. I stress starting everyday with gratitude—remember everything that makes you smile and your heart beat. Keep your intention strong and be true to who you are and what you want, regardless of other’s expectations. Love fearlessly, it will never steer you wrong even if it means going over some serious bumps.

What else is on your to-do list of achievements?

I already feel like I’m on the right track, so in that sense I take life one day at a time. My life is so bountiful right now, I’m just soaking up the beauty of it all. I hope to continue my journey around the world sharing it with students and inspiring others to live a full, healthy and joyful life.

Clearly, the world needs more people like Kathryn in it, spreading that joyful notion of awesomeness and self-awareness around for all to enjoy. Wouldn’t you agree?

Tell me Happies…

What do you think of Kathryn’s life philosophy?
Do you agree with her ‘beliefs’?



  1. Julie · April 28, 2011

    I was hoping you’d blog about this!! I found out too late she was going to be here and was raging I missed the workshop. I read some of Kathryn’s articles and I love her sense of balance, and the way she approaches life.

    I love her recipes too!

    Its quite unusual for someone when asked what else they wish to achieve in life to answer that they are fulfilled currently and on the right track. That right there shows how self-balanced she is and obviously focuses on being content and happy within herself right now. To me thats inspiring as someone whos impatient and always trying to perfect and better myself.

  2. Christina @ Hair Romance · April 28, 2011

    loved this interview Yaz, I can feel Kathryn’s calmness and joy in her answers.

    “What you want isn’t always what you need. Love is stronger than fear and that the only person holding you back is yourself.” – this really rings true for me, and her comment about starting each day with gratitude.

    Think I need to do some yoga…

  3. Alex Thompson · April 28, 2011

    ‘beauty resides everywhere—even in the muck’ – love this!

  4. Deb May · April 29, 2011

    What I love about Kathryn is she is sooooo excited about her life – NOW! It comes through in every interview, blog, FaceBook posting, video – She has amazing energy & is a great inspiration.

  5. Nancy Alder · April 29, 2011

    Lovely post.. thanks so much for sharing Kathryn’s words.

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