Sunday Best: Cold Day Chicken & Lentil Soup

As we farewell summer and embrace our blanket on these suddenly cold, wet, snuggle-friendly days in Sydney, there’s nothing more happiness-inducing than a pot of warming winter soup.

A firm favourite in my house, this chicken and lentil soup packed with goodness, is sure to give you a nice warm hug on these chilly days.

Here’s what you need to feed four hungry mouths…

1 x large free range chicken

500g x red lentils

1 x head of broccoli

1 x bunch parsley

2 x lemons

4 x carrots

2 x large brown onions

2 x garlic cloves

1/2 x cabbage

salt and pepper to taste

And here’s what you need to do to create said soup…

Turn the stovetop onto medium heat and boil the chicken in a pot of water for about an hour. Once cooked through, take the chicken out of the pot and set aside to cool.

Now, place the chopped onion, carrot and garlic into the water and let simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes.

Next, place the broccoli, the cabbage and the juice of the lemons into the pot and allow to simmer for a further 10 minutes. While you’re waiting, start pulling the chicken apart, tearing into skinless shreds of tender chook. Mmmm!

Once you’ve finished shredding the chicken, the vegetables should be done, so now all you have to do is place the shredded pieces of chicken back into the pot, season with salt and pepper to taste (and add some tabasco if you’re into it) and serve that steaming delight up. Enjoy!

Here’s what mine looked like…


And here’s the part where you tell me…

What you think of this soup?

What soup makes you happy?

Stay Happy,




  1. Chloe · April 26, 2011

    Yummo! That looks sensational!
    Need healthy after choc indulgent weekend.
    Mmmmmmmm soup

  2. Julie · April 27, 2011

    My favourite soup is this Tuscan Bean one my Mum makes (must get the recipe off her actually!) This looks like a great recipe. Thanks. I spent all weekend having soup (followed by chocolate). Was the weather for it in Sydney alright. I need to try and make more of my own soups. I usually reach for the Pittangos once, they are organic and relatively low in fat/salt etc.

    I think I will attempt this next weekend – thanks

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