Are you a sucker or a booster?

There are two types of people in this world, Happies – Suckers and Boosters. You will know of the suckers once I explain them, in fact, you probably have one in your life, or after a little self-exploration, you might even discover you’re one yourself. But hopefully you’re a booster, and if not, you can absolutely work on becoming one if you so choose.

So, what is a sucker? Well Happies, a sucker is a person who sucks your energy. Your confidence. Your soul. Your life-force. They are those friends you try not to catch up with too often, and when you do, you’re instantly reminded of why you avoid them like you avoid bird flu. Or worse yet, man flu (it’s far more severe, you know).

Some time ago I read The Celestine Prophecy, it’s a wonderfully insightful read if you’re yet to pick it up. It talks about energy and the way that humans try the literally ‘steal’ each other’s energy through a number of sleuth-like methods. It sounds a little quirky, and in retrospect it probably is, but I do believe that there’s merit to this madness and it’s never more prevalent than when face-to-face with a sucker.

Suckers tend to prey in many different ways. Some of the more common methods include:

  • Constant negativity about everything from soap to sandcastles and no matter how much you try to pep them up, they can’t see the world in anything but bitter light.
  • Talking about themselves constantly. So much so, you leave the catch up realising that not only did you not have a chance to tell them you’re exciting engagement/pregnancy/house buying/insert amazing news here, but that they didn’t bother asking you about that rock on your finger/bump on your belly/declined credit card, anyway.
  • Putting everything you say or do down, in order to lift themselves up. These are the worst suckers of all, before you can say ‘I’m great, thanks’, you’ve been fleeced of your confidence, happiness and energy all the while being made to feel like you’re just not really that good. ‘Sorry, honey!

On the other side of the spectrum we have the boosters, those gorgeous friends you love to pieces and leave you walking away feeling more wonderful than you have in years. You laugh together, share stories, share information, loose judgement, and best of all, leave any form of competition at the door.

These are the friends you want to see every day, the ones you can turn to in any situation and know that no matter what, you will always feel better. Oh, I love the boosters, Happies. They make me smile just writing about them.

Of course, we can’t all be boosters everyday. There are times when things are, quite frankly, a little bit shit, and despite all the positivity in the world, you just need a whinge.

But I do urge you to take a look at what category you fit into, Happies, and see how you react to people, listen to people, compete with people. Be honest with yourself. It’s a work in progress for all of us, but if we become aware, surely we can work on fixing it if we want to. And if not, at least take the time to listen to someone else for a change. It can’t be too hard, right?

Tell me Happies…

Do you know any suckers?

What about boosters?

Which category do you fit into?

Is this something you’d like to work on?



  1. · April 18, 2011

    I think a majority of the time, I’m a booster – I guess a lot of people would say the same. You’ve missed out one category; I like to call The Alpha-booster. Y’know, there the ones that are exhausting to be around, they are always ‘on’ and their energy leaves you feeling scattered and skitty like a cat in a thunderstorm.

    Suckers (or vampires), oh I know plenty of those. I try to avoid them – actually I’m in the process of getting rid of one particularly painful one at the moment. My policy is always safety in numbers, that way, you can slink away from the crowd without feeling drained!

  2. Annette @ Wellnesss WA · April 18, 2011

    I think I’m a booster most of the time, but I can sometimes feel myself becoming a bit of a sucker when I’m having a low energy day! I think awareness is half the battle though, so I just make sure to do the things I need to do (eat well, sleep well, drink lotsa water, exercise) to make sure I can be boosty as much as poss! xo

  3. Laura · April 19, 2011

    Well, this is something I’ve been battling against since I was a small child. My Grandma and other family members were severe suckers to the point I’d be physically ill. I’ve learnt the signs well enough now to stay away from people that are suckers as it’s hard enough staying awake everyday when working and studying full-time!!! Besides I detest negativity. I’m a very happy person and understand people have bad days but on the whole I avoid suckers like the plague!!!! If you aren’t smiling and positive you aren’t someone I want to be around.

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