Trust yourself and you will always win

If there’s one lesson in life I struggle with more than any other, it’s trusting in myself. So often I catch a little niggle of doubt creeping into my brain, trying to force me into thinking that I can’t do something, or that I’ll make a complete fool of myself if I even try.


Of course, I try my hardest to ignore said doubt and carry on, only to surprise myself when I do, in fact, achieve my goal with ease. In that moment of realisation, it’s so liberating to kick that distrusting feeling in the guts, and I find it really helps being able to recall on those moments when the doubt returns. Because, like any villain, it does return. Sometimes with more venom than ever.

Take this week for example. On Thursday I’m hosting an event in Myer and for the past few days I’ve been doubting myself and getting ridiculously nervous. It’s scary getting up in front of an entire department store with more confidence than a child-star at a High School Musial audition and having to pretend you’re not scared at all.

But here’s the thing, Happies. I KNOW I can do this. I have no reason to be nervous. I’ve done this so many times and when I broke it all down, I came to the realisation that I needed to trust in my abilities more. I need to TRUST that I won’t let myself down and once I figured that out, and believed in myself, that fear and doubt dissolved like an Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water.

I was talking to my mum about this the other day and she agreed with me wholeheartedly. You see, my amazing mum completed a 5km run on Sunday. Now, this is a HUGE feat for her as she’s on her own journey of wellness and transformation and has, for the past year or so, worked her way down to losing 30 kilos. Amazing, I know.

However, it’s on this journey that mum has found self-doubt creeping into her mind as well. For one, she was terrified about this fun-run, she wasn’t sure she could do it, or whether she’d complete it in time, or whether her knees would transport her the entire way. Everyday she found another ‘fear’ rolling into her mind like a wave of destruction, and throughout all this, she continued to push through and remember to trust in herself and believe that she can, in fact, complete this task. Of course she smashed it. With flying colours. And is still riding on that wave that tried to drag her under.

I know mum and I aren’t the only ones. I’ve had so many friends, family members and even readers express this same sense of fear, or doubt, or self-questioning. So here’s something we all need to think about, Happies… We need to start trusting in our own abilities, drawing on previous experiences and having a little more faith that, yep, we are awesome and we can achieve anything we put our minds to. And that, is my mission.

Tell me Happies…

Do you doubt yourself and your abilities at all?

Have you ever not tried something because you were too scared?

How do you trust in yourself more?



  1. Gabby · April 5, 2011

    Great post, Yaz. I’m currently working my way through The Artist’s Way, which talks about having an inner critic (think of that voice in your head that says, “Oh, you could NEVER do that”), so this blog came at a good time. I think it’s human nature to doubt and get anxious – the real character-building stuff lies in how we learn to push past those suffocating feelings. PS: Your mum’s effort IS amazing. x

  2. Kate Williams · April 5, 2011

    Once again, you hit that out of the ball park! Over the last month, you have posted so many blogs that really mean something to me at the time. From ways to chill out, to declining, and now this. Im at a stage in my life where I have to make some serious life changing decisions and it has been a great help to have the ‘Yaz positive voice’ in my ear. Im dreading making this decisions but I have to listen to my instincts and do this for me. No one else is living my life…its mine. People may come into my life but its my life, so why not do what I want right! Taking that first step is shitting me but like I said…its a great help to hear some positivity from you Yaz. So thank you greatly!!!

    • Yaz Turker · April 6, 2011

      Thank you so much Happies, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Kate, I honestly believe that trusting in yourself and going with decisions that feel right in your heart and your gut are always the best for you. Even if it’s terrifying. And Kylie, I think it definitely has something to do with our egos – those naughty buggers cause so much havoc in our lives. Stay happy, Yxx

  3. Kylie · April 5, 2011

    wow yes Yaz I just finished a conversation about that very thing and even though I know I can do my assignments (it’s so hard trying to study with old brain cells!) self doubts always creep in maybe they are there so we can think of all possibilites? Maybe so we never become ego ruled? Your mum and you are an inspiration to all who read your blog thank you for sharing your happies with us.

  4. Kay · April 6, 2011

    I am the queen of doubting myself and I try everyday to making these unnecessary thoughts dissolve. One by one they are buggering off.
    Thankyou for reminding me to Trust myself.
    Happydays x

  5. Kaz · April 6, 2011

    I think everyone has moments where self doubt creeps in and you feel you can’t accomplish anything. There is always those things that you don’t do out of fear but maybe one day you will find the courage to do those things. Whenever I get those feelings, particularly during a competition or league game I am in, I give myself a stern talking to and tell myself to shake it off. Keep calm and carry on.

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