Let’s roll…

In the spirit of being up for pretty much anything, I am currently toying with the idea of joining Roller Derby. Yep, that all female, nudging, pushing, shoving sport that inspired Drew Barrymore to make a movie called Whip It! Seriously, Whip It! Am I nuts? Probably.

It all started on Saturday night when I was at a party talking to a girl who had recently joined a club. Apparently, she’s not alone, it’s THE fastest growing female sport in the world right now and with costumes like what she was describing to me, I’m not surprised.

The aim of the game is this: You have two teams roller skating around a rink (or oval track) with blockers and jammers. There is one jammer on each team, and it’s their duty is to get past the blockers using any means possible. Including a ‘sling shot’ or ‘whip’, which I am told is an actual move. Once they get past said blockers, they score points for their team. Hooray!

But here’s the part that really sold me, Happies…They truly do wear outfits like Drew was rocking in the movie. Fishnet tights, neon bloomers, knee length socks. It’s like being able to go back to the fluoro age of the Eighties without the fear of perms or blue eye shadow. Yesss! Plus, you get your own name that’s truly unique to the sport that no other player has, kind of like WWD, I guess.

All the fun of crazy outfits aside, this is a serious contact sport but the workout is meant to be incomparable to any other. On average, each club has two to three training sessions a week whereby they run, fall, push up, crunch and laugh until they’re pretty much blue. Scary, yes, but somewhat appealing to me at the same time.

Here’s what I’m considering getting myself into…

Now, for anyone who actually knows me, or has seen me in my PRIMPED videos or in life, you will know that this is so far removed from my girly girly persona it’s almost laughable. I’m a beauty editor for goodness sake! But here’s the thing, we all like to feel empowered from time to time, and while I’m not one to beat up my mates, I could definitely do with venting frustrations every now and again. Especially if I get to wear neon bloomers under the guise of ‘The Turkermatron’ while doing so.

Tell me Happies…

Have you ever tried Roller Derby?

Am I crazy for even considering it?

What’s your favourite form of exercise?



  1. CC · March 8, 2011

    You may need a large supply of Benefit Erase Paste, Yaz – the roller derby gets quite brutal (and bruisey)!

  2. Teresa · March 8, 2011

    When I think about whether to do something crazy, I think about what my grandchildren would think. Would they think I was a cool grandma for doing it? Bam!

  3. Kristy · March 8, 2011

    A but too scared to try that. But just played Just Dance on Wii for the first time the other day. Funnest workout ever!!!

  4. redsparklegirl · March 9, 2011

    You should DEFINITELY do it!!!
    I just joined a league in Canada and it has been amazing! Challenging and exhausting, yes, but by the time it gets to the hitting and bruising you’re so in love with it that you don’t really mind. And the best thing about making a decision to try something new – you can always change your mind! Go to just one practice… I guarantee you’ll be hooked and never again question your choice. 😉

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