Wrinkly wisdom: Why old people really do know best

Happies, meet Rose, the 98-year-old glamour featured on The Huffington Post who has stolen my heart and run away with it to some place with lots of fuchsia lipstick and fabulous belts.

Of course, Rose lives in New York, where all the stylish elderly people live, and as she shared her story with Ari Cohen about how she hates having her photo taken and how the way to remain happy in life is to enjoy every moment and be happy with what you’ve got, it invited me remember my own glamorous grandma, who shared so many insightful tales with my sister and I growing up.

I’ve always had a soft spot for people older than me. And by older, I mean about 40 years older. They have a knowledge of life that I, as a mere 27-year-old, would have no comprehension of. I especially like it when they drink tea and eat sandwich soldiers, but that’s a whole other story.

Like Rose, my grandma was a truly glamorous woman. Her perfectly curled hair, her adorable outfits…it seriously was like a scene out of Mad Men. But beyond her appearance, she was a truly inspirational spirit who always saw the best in every situation and remained positive throughout even the toughest tribulations.

To Rose, and G’Ma Joan, and all the other people much older than me out there, I salute you. And on behalf of a large proportion of youngsters, we love your wisdom and know that even when you scream at us for making too much noise at the Paddington Bowling Club, or nearly hit us with your walking stick when you’re getting on the bus, we understand that, yep, you really do know best. Especially when it comes to bright lipsticks, beef stroganoff and baked desserts.

So, I ask you this, Happies. Next time you spot an elderly person struggling to carry their shopping, or see them sitting alone in a park looking lonely, take the time to say hi, thank them for being so damn awesome and tell them they really do know best. Because they do. Don’t they?

But before you do, tell me…

Do you have a soft spot for the elderly too?

Don’t you just LOVE Rose?

What memories do you have of your grandparents?



  1. Julie · February 24, 2011

    Oh I have such a soft spot for oldies. Rose is just beautiful! My Nanny was the same- she was so glam and always made such an effort. I have inherited 3 of her vintage bags which I just adore! AS the only girl in the family I was set to inherit all her amazing jewellery too butalas she was robbed both at home (sob) and in her nursing home (sob, sob) so there is none left.

    There are a few golden oldies that go to my Gym that I always marvel at , one was up front in my Body Pump last week , fully made up and in Lycra. Respect!

    There is also another old dear that gets on my bus that wears Converse and retro sunnies and the coolest, hippest bright accesories and is just a ray of sunshine, I always elbow my hubby and say I hope I’m like her!!

    One of my fav oldie videos is this.

    I can’t watch it wiothout blubbing. gets me every time. It just has a sentiment and a way of looking at life that sums up why I loved both my Nannies so much and why the elderly should be respected more, they’ve seen it all , lived through much hardship and still come out all optimistic and adorable 🙂

    Great post Yaz!

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  3. Sophie · February 25, 2011

    Just the other day at the theatre I saw this elderly lady (probably in her eighties) wearing the most stylish outfit. and not just stylish in a “classic” way but stylish as in I could imagine seeing it in a lookbook and wanting to buy it! She had on a black pleated silk maxi skirt, a delicate white chiffon camisole, a long and chunky red beaded necklace, and numerous tribal/stone rings and bracelets on. And of course some red lippy. I fell in love! I quickly scoured my brain to see if I had any similar pieces in my own wardrobe and made a mental note to wear that as my next outfit out on the town. hehe

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